Thursday, March 1, 2012

when you fall off the bike....

Get up and get back on!!!  At least that is what my parents said to me and what I say to my own kids.  Why is it so much easier said than done!  I posted back in January that I had set a goal to run 2 miles a day - HA HA HA!! It was a good goal - but I should have known better.  I did okay at first - but then you know - you get sick, the kids get sick, I could list dozens of excuses and that is just what they are excuses.  Well I think I had it with myself the other day - I am ready to get back on the bike!!  Not just getting back into my workout routine but eating healthier as well.  So last Monday as in 2/20 I made a couple of reasonable goals : 1. work out 5-6 times a week and not just cardio - gotta get those weights back in. 2. no coke zero for 21 days - now that may seem like a silly goal - but for those of you who know me really well you know how much I LIKE my coke zero! So I started drinking lemonade you know the crystal light kind because I really don't like water- well on Thursday of last week I decided it probably wasn't best to be downing tons of aspertame all day long - Nikki McGee you would be so proud!!  So I have only had water and an occasional glass of milk since last Friday - again if you know me this is HUGE!  I also made a goal to cut back on sweets - no cookies, brownies, candy etc - at least for 21 days like the coke zero goal. Now I confess I did eat one thin mint - why oh why does it have to be girl scout cookie time!! But really one thin mint in 10 days and that is the only "sweet" thing I have eaten that's pretty good for a sweet tooth, not just any sweet tooth A MAJOR sweet tooth.  I had to cover up a plate of M and M's on our table at craft night last night!!

And would you believe the nice gift my husband brought home that he got from work the other day!!

SERIOUSLY!!!!!  If girl scout cookie time is not enough!! Yes it still is in the nice packaging staring at me in the kitchen everyday.  The Lord is definitely teaching me self control and some other things mixed in - I am thankful He is patient and gentle and that he even cares about the trivial things in my life - such as having a major sweet tooth!

And for sure after my 21 days are up - I will be having a piece of that chocolate - but just a piece not the whole thing - and the girl scout cookies - those are in the freezer waiting for a hot summer days to be eaten at the pool because who doesn't like to have a cookie snack at the pool?

So now I am getting up and getting back on the bike and with Lord's help hopefully I will stay there!


Anonymous said...

If you are trying to lose weight you will do it in china. We loved the food and had plenty to eat but it so much healthier and you do a lot of walking and holding a little girlie too!

Catherine a

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip! We are so excited for you guys --- I am just tickled pink for your little girl to join your family!!!! we love you -
the Avera's