Monday, March 26, 2012

Visit with foster family, Jenny and friends...

What a day! Today started with a quick trip to the medical offices again for them to read the TB test. Linnea was all clear as well as all the other children in our adoption group so then it was off to the zoo for a few hours. After the zoo, LeighAnn, Linnea, Miko and myself headed to Dongguan (about 1.5 hour trip) to meet Jenny Smith, Rose (medical care coordinator) and the foster family Linnea lived with for the past 8 months. We will need to write more details later b/c we are exhausted...again both physically and emotionally but this time was so worth it.

The foster mother was very emotional as you can probably imagine. The dad did pretty well emotionally but you could tell he loved Linnea very much as well. The grace, mercy and love both of them showed towards Linnea is so evident by the way Linnea treats us and others as well as seeing how emotional the foster family was. I felt so comforted that they genuinely wanted whats best for her and they love Linnea so much. The foster family told us that whenever an American lady or man came on television, she would say "Mama" or "Baba" so this meant a lot to us that they showed Linnea pictures and talked about us to her often.

LeighAnn met with the foster parents first in a hotel lobby as I stayed behind with Linnea in Jenny's room. LeighAnn thanked the foster family and presented the foster mother with two with the Chinese characters spelling Linnea's Chinese name and then another of a photo tile with a picture of Linnea. The foster mother let LeighAnn put the necklaces on her which was a special moment. Again, LeighAnn will probably want to write more about this since I wasn't there during this time. When LeighAnn got back to the room, I went to meet the foster parents. I thanked them so much for the care and love they gave to Linnea. I told them that it was very evident how much they loved her. The foster dad opened the gifts I had for him...he was very happy with the Nike Chick-fil-A polo shirt (he was wearing a Nike jacket so he was excited to see the brand name apparently) and I also gave him my Chick-fil-A Bowl watch (each year the CFA Bowl planning team gets a custom CFA Bowl watch made and given to us...I wanted the foster dad to have this watch). I was wearing the same Chick-fil-A shirt and my CFA Bowl watch from last year so he was excited to see that.
After presenting these gifts, Miko read the letter in Chinese that we had translated for the foster family. When Miko started to cry reading the letter and then the parents also started to cry, I think we were all crying by that point. I had a copy of the letter and presented it to them after Miko was done reading. After some more conversation, we took a picture together and then said our goodbyes.

After meeting with the foster family, we headed to Treasures of Hope which is a store that sells all kinds of things that are donated to them. All the proceeds go to benefit adoption, charities and other Kingdom building activities. We then went to dinner with Jenny and some other likeminded friends of hers who are doing work here. It was a special time around the dinner table tonight. Linnea sat next to one of her friends -- another little boy who is blind. He is also from the Moaming orphanage and is now in the process of being adopted by one of the sweet ladies we had dinner with tonight. You should have heard this little boy sing all kinds of hymns of the faith. The lady that is adopting this little boy is one of those who we have pictured in our scrapbook comforting Linnea as she got of surgery.

By the way, Linnea did SO WELL today! We thought that when she saw Jenny she may detach a little or have a hard time but she did not. We are so thankful to Jenny for arranging today. It was special and we will never forget this time.

Will write some more at some other time but off to bed for now. Here are some pictures from today.

Fun at the zoo
She loves being by any water. This should prove well for us come summer time by the pool!

Putting the necklaces on the foster mother. This was a hard day on all but the foster mother had a very hard time. I cannot imagine what she was feeling. She truly loved Linnea.

Linnea and her friend

Ready for their visit back to the States!

LeighAnn, Linnea and Jenny

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i didn't even hear the letter read but i started crying just thinking about it....what a nice day for you guys....get some rest.

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