Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update from today...

Linnea slept through the night about 10 hours so that was good. She was peaceful but does toss and turn a bit which we were told beforehand to expect! It was so nice watching her sleep peacefully. She woke up this morning and had some tears but by breakfast she was fine again. Her "comfort item" is her little purse that LeighAnn actually made her about six months ago and sent to China in a care package so that is neat she loves this so much.
Clinging to her little purse this morning that LeighAnn made her

Linnea was eating yogurt and snack items but not drinking much. We were told she used a sippy cup but maybe we don't have the same kind of sippy cups she is used to. However, when we put a straw in a regular cup she knew exactly what to do and drank a whole small glass of apple juice. So today we went out and got two sippy cups with straws! For breakfast she pretty much ate crackers, a little yogurt, apple juice and some milk. She didn't want any congee (Chinese version of a warm cereal) or much else but we felt like we made good progress today. Now she is drinking regularly and eating some throughout the day.

Breakfast time
We went back to the civil affairs office today to fill out some more paperwork and be interviewed. We had to promise to never abandon our child, tell why we wanted to adopt her, etc., and then that was all. When we walked back into the room where we were yesterday, Linnea threw her hands up like she did not want to be in there again. Fortunately, LeighAnn had her very close and was so comforting to her. We were there for two hours and when we got back to the van, we all cheered as this was our final step in adopting her...Linnea is now officially our child! The rest of the time here is getting what it takes for her to become a citizen of the U.S. and for her to be able to travel to the U.S. Tomorrow we head to the police station to apply for her Chinese passport.

Back at the Civil Affairs office to finalize the adoption

Our adoption group at the Civil Affairs office

The rest of the day is free time. I think this is the day when you finally can relax a bit but you sure do feel tired from all the run around from gotcha day. LeighAnn and Linnea are taking a rest now and we plan to just take it easy the rest of the afternoon. We may take a late afternoon ride to the store as we did not bring any 12 month clothes. We brought 24 month and 18 month clothing and are having to safety pin the 18 month old clothes. She is little...tall but thin.

Her smiles and personality starting to come out!

We can definitely start to see Linnea's personality coming out. She is starting to make noises and it sounds like she is about ready to talk to us. She is smiling, laughs a bit and you can tell she is building her trust with us. She has no problem going to either of us so that is good.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! She is a precious little girl!

Resting peacefully


andrea said...

Yeah! Love the shirt ;) Love the pigtails ;)
enjoy your remaining time in China....take it all in so you can share it with linnea one day.

God is so Good ;)


Christa said...

Love seeing that sweet smile! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us. Makes waking up in the mornings much more fun. :-)

Priscilla said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!

Richard Taylor said...

I think about how the 2 of you are starting this new life with your daughter and adding her to your 3 boys to make a great family.
Christmas will be so awesome this year.

Joan Rape said...

I love the sleeping picture!!! Oh, thank You, Lord, for such amazing gifts. Can't wait to meet that beautiful little girl in person. LOVE, LOVE!