Monday, March 19, 2012

She's here...Praise the Lord for His Providence and Goodness!

God's precious gift - Our little daughter...peaceful and safe!

Our day started out with an email from Jenny Smith this morning that said, "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." SO TRUE!!!

I will skip our early morning details as the day kind of dragged on this morning. Two o'clock in the afternoon couldn't come soon enough but when it did, we were so ready to go. We made our way to the civil affairs office and were scurried to the top floor. The next hour was total choas to say the least. Small room, very warm, babies screaming, you name it and it probably happened. We got our cameras ready, final paperwork handed over and met Jenny Smith. Jenny gave us a picture book from her life the past two years plus her belongings. About 10 minutes later, our name was called and there we stood waiting for her to come out of the "kids room" behind the curtain. Then she came out, led by the orphanage director from Maoming and Rose who is the medical coordinator of True Children's Home. Linnea was given to LeighAnn as I took pictures. She did great for about 10 minutes but when the volume went up in the room from kids screaming, I think she got scared. She lost it after that and cried quietly pretty much the rest of the time we were there. LeighAnn was great! I think every child is attracted to her so Linnea just latched on to her. For all of you who have seen LeighAnn at VBS, children's choir, etc., you probably can imagine how children just feel safe and loved with LeighAnn. She is a beautiful little girl! She is definitely little...only 19 lbs so very thin but tall (and she has long fingers, perfect for playing the piano...I'm already jealous about that as I have short fingers!)

We came back to the hotel after the civil affairs office. We dropped everything off in the room and the guys went to the local Trust Mart (Wal-Mart) with the shopping lists of needed items. LeighAnn took a walk with Linnea as she seems to love the outdoors (which we were told beforehand as well from Jenny). LeighAnn is giving her a bath now which is going very well.

Thank you again for your prayers. So thankful today is here and now Linnea is with her forever family!

Here are some pictures from today:

About to head into the room at the Civil Affairs Office. Miko (our guide and translator on the far left)

Meeting Jenny for the first time
Waiting anxiously in anticipation!

Here she comes...being led out by the Maoming orphanage director and Rose

In LeighAnn's arms finally!

Beyond excited!

What a sweet girl!

Loving some raisins

A tearful goodbye to Jenny. This was hard on us. Thank you Jenny for all you have done for these precious little ones. I am sure the Lord will have some special jewels for you one day.

After saying goodbye to Jenny and Rose, LeighAnn comforting Linnea by singing Jesus Loves Me. Oh we can't wait to tell you just how much He does love You!

On the ride home. Scared at first of the car ride but buried in Mommy's arms

Finally at the hotel. She came to me tonight which made my day....walked all the way across the room to me
After her bath, Mommy and Linnea read a book. She loves to be read to and turn the pages, especially with the musical books. 

Playing with blocks that make noise
Eating some dinner. Yogurt seemed to hit the spot!
Our sweet little Angel!

Update: Linnea did very well in the bath tonight, ate some dinner and now is off to bed. She fell asleep in our arms on the bed which was a special time for both of us. Praise the Lord that this day has finally come. Again, we are grateful for all of you.


Christa said...

Tears of joy this morning for you all. What a precious little gift you have been given. Praying the rest of the trip goes smoothly. Love y'all!

Debbie L. said...

I have been hitting my refresh button, every 10 minutes! So thankful to see these pictures! So glad she is in your guys are great parents and Linnea will soon learn that! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

Anonymous said...

Praise Our Father! What an emotional and blessed day! I love you all and so excited to get to read this! Thanks for posting... thanks for the pictures... and the details! :)
Yarping for even more special memories tomorrow!
Yeah for her cuddling into your arms LA when she was in the taxi and walking over to you, DP! :)
Praise Father! LPH

Grandma Jody said...

I have so loved seeing all the pictures and reading about your journey. I have laughed and also shed a tear or two. Bone thought of sadness for me .... I won't get to have Linnea in the nursery ... How will I really get to know her and I want her to know Aunt Jody and that I love her already! Please know I am praying for you all .. For the boys here waiting for your return and for the adjustment ahead. So thankful that God already has it planned and taken care of. I'm here if you need anything at all! I love you!

Colie said...

shedding lots of tears of joy with you!!!!! Cannot wait to meet her!!!

katie smith mayfield said...

I have tears in my eyes as I read this. What a blessing that she now has a loving home and family.

Brook C. said...

Oh my goodness!!!! The Lord is sooooo good!!!! Crying tears of joy with you as your sweet girl is in your arms!! Love you three and praying for the rest of your days in China!

Anonymous said...

So, so excited to read this and see these pictures. Happy with you! Love, the Flintoffs

The Mintons (Chris, Karen, Lucas, Levi) said...

Leighann ~

Tears are still in my eyes as I type this... after reading your blog & seeing pictures of Linnea. I have such a heart for adoption & God has not made it a possibility for us yet, but I hope & pray He will fill that desire one day. Until then, I want to offer my support in prayer to you guys and I want to send a special gift for Linnea. She is adorable & I am so happy for you and David & the boys. I know the days ahead will pose their challenges, but I know our God SPECIALIZES in the challenging & NOTHING is impossible with Him. Remember you can trust Him even when times are hard, & know that rejoicing can happen ALWAYS - good times & bad! I, too, rejoice with you guys at this blessing in your life.
Sharing Your Joy,

P.S. I looked up "rejoice" & found Hannah's Prayer in I Samuel 2 fitting:

Amy said...

Oh my goodness. I'm sitting here balling my eyes out. What a precious gift from God!!

andrea said...

i am crying tears of JOY...Leighann she is beautiful and YOURS....get some rest and post more with more pictures soon.

Brittney said...

I always cry when I watch "A Baby Story" on TLC...well your story is no different. As soon as I saw your little girl I burst into tears for you. Congrats! Little girls are amazing.

Brenda W. said...


~ Dawn ~ said...

Oh how my heart rejoices with your precious family! There is a party going on in heaven for sure! My arms are around you sweet LeighAnn... with a big big hug! I pray God continues to cover you all with peace and joy and patience and strength! I pray you have a blessed time in country and that you have safe travels home... home. Love to you all... thank you for sharing such a special moment in the kingdom of God!

Anonymous said...

What a great God we serve!! Words cannot decribe the feeling in my heart for your family!! Praise God from Whom all Blessing Flow!

Keith Wise

Southern Cheesehead said...

She's beautiful!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! I'm so excited for you guys and praying!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh welcome to this wonderful family precious Angel. WE are in tears --- we are so excited for you!!!! what a blessing!!! so excited for you!!! thank you for sharing we love you!
Erin and Will

Lois Cooke said...

She is beautiful and you look beautiful with her in your arms, LeighAnn. We are singing praises to the Lord for you today!


Donna said...

Oh LeighAnn! She is just beautiful!! Congratulations!
Praying a time of healthy attachment and bonding for the three of you!
See you at the airport!!!!

Donna Page Photography

andrea said...

i just noticed emma lael has those same p.j.'s LOVE them! we'll have to get a picture of our two angels in them.


KBam said...

Praising God for that beautiful girl finally in your arms!! So excited you your family.