Sunday, March 18, 2012


Thought I would give you a look into our schedule for the remainder of our time here in China.  Remember home friends that we are exactly 12 hours ahead of you all - so hopefully that will help you know when we are doing what!!

Monday 3/19
GOTCHA DAY!! We have a meeting with Lifeline facilitators at 11am and then we leave for the Civil Affairs office at 2pm
Tuesday 3/20
Go back to the Civil Affairs office in the morning to finish up paperwork and take our oath before the Chinese govt.
Wednesday 3/21
In the afternoon we will go to the police station to apply for Linnea's passport
Thursday 3/22
Sightseeing Day
Friday 3/23
Vist the Maoming Orphanage where Linnea was first taken.  We will also be able to visit the exact location where she was found.  This is a 4 hour bus ride one way.  So 8 hours of our day will be spent in a bus.
Saturday 3/24
Go to Shamain Island to have a medical exam and TB test
Sunday 3/25
Sightseeing and Shopping
Monday 3/26
Go back to Shamian Island to have TB test read and then visit Guangzhou Zoo
Tuesday 3/27
Consulate Appointment at 10am - this is where we take the oath before the US govt.
Wednesday 3/28
Linnea's visa and passport will be delivered to us and then we will head to Hong Kong
Thursday 3/29
Arrive HOME!!!!!!

On the days that we have random appointments once we are finished with that we are free to do as we wish so it is like we have free time.  This will be very helpful to be able to come back to the room and relax and get to know Linnea and her personality.  One of these days we would like to make the one hour trip to Dongguan and visit with Jenny (True Children's Home Director) as well as Linnea's foster parents.  Once we get Linnea tomorrow and meet with Jenny we will have a better idea of when this meeting might take place.  Can't believe the day is almost here!!  Next post I will be a mommy for the fourth time and we will be a family of six!!!

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Debbie L. said...

Are you sleeping at all?? So glad the day is almost here for you guys! Praying, praying...excited, excited!