Monday, March 19, 2012

a quick post from mommy...

Well it's 3 AM here and I am up and can't sleep.  I am full of emotion - in a good way!!  I am overcome by your encouragement and walk with us on this journey.  And my cup overflows as I am a mom to this beautiful precious tiny little girl who is sleeping in her crib just a few feet away from me.  Yep the tears are flowing!!!  God is soo good and so gracious.  I am so thankful.  

Linnea is soooo tiny!!! I had to safety pin her pajama bottoms so they don't fall off!! I am thinking she is going to need some 12 months clothes when I get home.  She is very long so I am thankful it is getting warmer and I can worry more about her waist in clothes and not the length.  Her nickname at home was ShaSha so we have been calling her that and Linnea back and forth.  Bless her heart she is very timid and you can tell she is scared but taking it all in.  As David mentioned she did cry a good bit yesterday and as silly as it may sound I am grateful - her cries mean she is grieving and she loved her family very much.  Oh how it ripped my heart out as Jenny and Rose had to say goodbye and Linnea just lost it - I lost it too!! She did love to cuddle on mommy and well you know that was fine by me!!!!!!!! I love me some snuggle time.  Her family told is she is quite the fitful sleeper and she is - I can hear her in there rolling around now!! Oh what sweet sounds to my ear!! 

Well she will be up soon I am sure and I have no idea what today will hold!!! We have to go back to the civil affairs office again this morning and will be there for a few hours and I am not sure that is going to go so well - since she wasn't very fond of that place yesterday.  I will be holding her all the way and thankfully I know the ONE who will be holding David and me.  

Nathan, Luke, and Ebear - mommy LOVES YOU SOOOOOO MUCH and I miss you terribly!!  Can't wait to get home with sister!!! 

Much love to you all! 


andrea said...

your post is so very sweet.....i know she is precious....i told you to get 12 months clothes ;0) the good news is she will grow when she gets her mama's good cooking.

praise God for those tears linnea shed that was music to my ears.

can't wait for more pictures of you guys.

get some rest, you silly girl.

Kell said...

Congratulations! I was led to your blog through Bob's Facebook page. Minnie Pruiksma is my great-aunt (I'm Al VDW's granddaughter). We were at her party in MI last summer but I don't think I met you. I pray all goes smoothly as you complete your time in China and bring Linnea home!