Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ni Hao from China!!

We made it!! We are here in Beijing China!! I told DP as soon as we got into the airport I could smell China - it is one of those distinct smells that you just don't forget.  So thankful that God has allowed me a a second opportunity to be in this beautiful country and this time I am with my hubby and we are bringing home a baby!!!!  AHHHH excitement is in the air!!!  Praise be to God!!  He is so faithful and we have much to give Him praise for!!  On the long plane ride over I was thinking about all the things I didn't blog about and how many more ways He has been working that we don't even know about!!  So thankful!

Okay so we left for the airport early Wednesday morning - thank you JK for picking us up and for brining those glasses so I will be sure not to miss any of the sights!!  This pic is for you my Sunday School friends!!

leaving with Linnea's panda pillow
So when we got to ATL to head for Chicago we found out that we had been separated on the long leg of the flight from Chicago to Beijing.  We were told once we got to Chicago that this could easily be fixed.  NOPE I must say we had the worst customer service ever - we were told we just were going to have to work it out ourselves.  On top of that our plane was delayed 4 hours.  I will say though that if that is the worst thing we have to face I will so take it.  It turned out many families were separated and once we were on the plane there were lots of people changing seats and thankfully DP got to sit with me!!  (Side note I tried to have a coke zero and it just tasted blah - I was craving water - I can't believe those words came out of my mouth - but it's true - so I drank water and sprite.)  We slept, played crosswords, read and slept some more!! The crew on the flight was fantastic and I am sure it helped that DP hooked them up with CFA cards.  I always tease DP because he is always getting the royal treatment - it is a big joke now!! We even got a free upgrade to our room here in Beijing.

We are settling down here in Beijing it is 8:26 pm here so we are going to try and get some more sleep so we can adjust to the time change.  Tomorrow we head out to see The Great Wall and Olympic Village.

We will update again as we can!! Again thank you so much for your support and prayers!! We love you!! A few more days til we get Linnea!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS We were able to chat with the kids for a few minutes and Luke says to me "I'll love you when you get back from China!" That kid cracks me up!!


Colie said...

woo hoo!! It is 9:20 am here and I am about to pray for you all! Thank you for updating!!! I just can't wait for you to meet your girl!!! Love you!

Lauren said...

SO stinking excited for you guys!! :) Praying for you this morning (well, morning for me, haha).

Sharon Townsend said...

We are praying for you guys and your sweet little girl!

Debbie Lute said...

Enjoy your time at the Great Wall today!! You're there!! Love you, Debbie

andrea said...

your right leighann the smell is china is very distinct ;) i remember emma lael smelling like china for awhile...even when we got back she smelled like china ;)

i can't wait to see linnea in your won't be long now my friend.

god bless