Friday, March 23, 2012

Long, emotional day but so worth it...

Today we went to the Maoming orphanage with the Hord family. This is the orphanage Linnea was brought to when she was found and the place where Mei (the Hord family's little girl lived for most of her life). It was a long drive of four hours each way but I am so glad we chose to go. Seeing all those children running around brought a bunch of emotions. Two hundred and seventy seven children currently live at this orphanage and about 3 children per month on average are brought into the orphanage that have been abandoned. I hope all these little ones will have families of their own one day.

After visiting the orphanage director, seeing the play room and the baby crib room, and meeting Linnea's nanny for the time she spent at Maoming, we went to the place where Linnea was found. Instead of going into all the details, I'll just say that was the most emotional time of the day.

Mei and Linnea both did well at the orphanage and during the long van rides as well. Below are a few pictures from today. Tomorrow we have our clinical appointment with Linnea and then another "paperwork" meeting in the afternoon.

Six more days until we are back home!!!

Greeted by a bunch of children at the entrance to Maoming orphanage

The orphanage
The playroom
Some of the entertainment in the playroom (water bottles filled with beads)
Meeting sweet little Ruthie Grubbs (with her parents permission to post a couple of these)

Charlotte Mei and her nanny
Linnea's nanny while she lived at Maoming

Linnea's finding place


Paulette said...

All I can say is wow, this touches my heart so deeply........
Love you so much! Mom

andrea said...

the finding place is truly the most difficult part of your trip....but something very valuable and cleansing....i am glad you guys were able to go to her finding place...God saved her for YOUR family....Praise you Lord for your grace....i can see the hurt in your eyes leighann ;( it's okay now linnea has her forever family.