Thursday, March 1, 2012

a little counseling for mommy....

We are having all sorts of conversations in our house about the upcoming Big trip to China and I am sure there will be more - here is the one that took place yesterday

Nathan: "Mom, when you come back from China can you bring me something besides my sister?" (I know did this not just make you laugh out loud!!)
Me: "Well yes daddy and I were talking about some things we might could bring you guys back."
Luke: "Daddy said he was going to look for golf balls for me.  I want you to bring me a Christian Flag golf ball." (Luke is very into golf and collects golf balls - he several with the American flag so now he wants one with the Christian Flag)
Me: "okay - we will look for some golf balls" (now mind you I was helping them clean up the play room just going along with the conversation and as you will see Nathan quickly brings me back to reality)
Nathan: "mom - you cannot get Luke a Christian Flag golf ball in China."
Me: (coming back to reality) "Oh Luke mommy won't be able to get you a Christian Flag golf ball in China.
Luke: "why?"
Me: "Well in China most people do not believe in God and their government doesn't allow God to be worshipped. The people just are not allowed to do this."
Nathan: (in his most serious "counseling" voice) "Now mom - remember God is everywhere you are - he goes everywhere. He's all around.  You just hide God's word in your heart."

Oh bless him!!  He said some other things - wanting to know why God just doesn't make it possible for Him to be worshipped freely!  I love how N thinks.  He knows we serve a BIG God.  He is so much like me in so many ways - so inquisitive about the nature of God and His character and I LOVE that he thinks the way he does.


Southern Cheesehead said...

I absolutely ADORE this post!

Paulette said...

WOW ~ N just blessed his Mimi's heart so much....I love this little one so much! Keep thinking like this, sweet boy!