Friday, March 30, 2012

Last two days in China...

Our last couple days in China were spent doing several things. We headed to Shamian Island again since we only had a limited time there Sunday afternoon. What a beautiful place...kind of reminds me of downtown Savannah. It almost seems like it does not fit in China!! We had a great lunch with our friends (Jake and Carrie who also adopted from the Guangdong province who were in our group). On Tuesday evening we went with the entire adoption group on a planned dinner cruise on the Pearl River. It was a great way to spend time with these families we have grown so fond of...we will miss them! On the river cruise, we took several pictures together and got to see lots of sites (including the second tallest building in the world which was pretty neat). On Wednesday we packed and got ready to go. We got to spend some more time with Miko (our guide) which was special. We were able to give her a Bible in Mandarin and talk with her. We will miss her a lot. She did so much for us and kept everything so organized. I am so thankful that she was the one to go visit the foster family with us. At 4:00pm we got Linnea's Visa so we were then allowed to head to Hong Kong. We took a van ride down to Hong Kong and spent the night there. We took Linnea up to Victoria's peak which offers a GREAT view of the skyline. I have always loved the New York City skyline but I have to say the Hong Kong skyline beats New York. We ate up on the peak and it was a great time of some last memories of China. Our room had a great view of the harbor so we enjoyed that. The next morning we got up early, ate breakfast, and then headed to the airport. We were SO ready to get home!

Visiting Shamian island

Ready for the dinner cruise

Some of the views on the cruise

2nd tallest building in the World 

Our friends Jake, Carrie and Bei Bei
Carrie, Jenny, LeighAnn and the girls
Linnea and Miko

Hong Kong Harbor from Victoria's Peak

Dinner on the Peak...some great last memories of China 

Breakfast at the hotel before leaving for the airport

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