Wednesday, March 21, 2012

just in case you missed it

We are SOOOO in LOVE!!!  I have to pinch myself sometimes because this whole process is just so surreal and of course there are moments when it is real too!!  Linnea is taking a nap right now and then in about an hour we will head to the police station to apply for her passport.  I am thinking she might be a mommy's girl - but daddy sure does get some good giggles out of her.  I have to give huge kuddos to DP for keeping you guys updated on the blog and even fb.  He has become quite the blogger!!  So thankful for that sweet man as he has been my extra shoulders and arms.  Linnea really does respond to him so well - and I fear that he has been wrapped ;-).  She LOVES to go outside so she is going to fit right in with her big brothers - who I am sure will look huge to us in comparison to her!!  I can't get over how tiny she is and I am sure these pictures don't do her size justice - you will just have to wait to see her.  As I think about these past few whirlwinds of days I don't want to be remiss and make sure I give honor to whom honor is due.  It is only by God's good hand that we are where we are right now.  I just want to shout His praises to the rooftops!!


andrea said...


your correct leighann when people see her they won't believe how tiny 19 # is....i know very well how tiny that is ;) emma lael was 3.5 years old and weighed 18# sounds crazy but those of us who have sweet daughters from China know it very well. before you know it she'll have some "meat on those bones"....when her mama makes her some yummy meals she'll hit the scales at 20# before you know it Whoo Hoo

love all the pictures....i love the one were she is giving you direct eye contact that is amazing....THANK YOU Jesus....enjoy your time in China.

much love

beth said...

Hey! This is Beth(Forehand) from East Point. Your mom is friend's with my brother on facebook (I'm not on fb.) and he gave her my blog and email address. She emailed me and mentioned your blog, and I told her to send me your address. Anyway, I have been keeping up with your blog since a week or so before y'all left for China. I check my blogs on my phone, and it's nearly impossible to comment from my phone, so I'm just now getting on the desktop (I have a 7 week old, so sleep is more pressing than getting on the computer right now:)).

I have LOVED reading about your time with your sweet girl, especially the day y'all met her. I cried and cried. So precious! I just wanted to say hey and let you know that my prayer time doubles when I have a baby because I am up late with the feedings:) and I have been praying for y'all, Linnea's adjustment, and your sweet boys at home waiting on mommy, daddy, and sister to come home:)