Sunday, March 25, 2012

a couple pictures from today...

Tonight we all dressed the girls up in Chinese outfits. They all looked beautiful.

Beautiful little girl!
(By the way...thank you Ed and Beverly for her little pearl bracelet...she loves it!)

Our adoption group photo
At the squeaky shoe store!

Started talking to him about "Hope" and he said,  "Oh, I know what HOPE is!" He was beyond thrilled when he found out we were likeminded!! He was literally jumping up and down and then asked for a picture!!! WOW...just made me appreciate our family of believers back home. I often take for granted being surrounded by likeminded men and women.

Linnea and her friend ready to head to dinner

LeighAnn and our guide Miko


andrea said...

linnea looks so cute in her chinese outfit....i remember the hotel photo of our group....great memories.
i LOVE Jordan he is really a neat man....i hope your enjoying the last few days of your trip....won't be long until your home with your boys and are a family of 6.

keep the pictures coming.


andrea said...

i forgot to tell you RUN AWAY from the shoe store...i bought 25 pair of shoes at EMMA shoe store i know CRAZY....RUN RUN RUN ;)
she'll wear shoes from china until she is 10...david you'll thank me for this post.