Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Conversations in the van.....

I know I always say it but it's true - my kids say the best things in the van!!!  I need to come up with some cutesy - yes I just used the word cutesy - header for all the conversations that happen in the van and then I can just number them.  If you have a thought suggest away! Anyway... I should always write these posts the day they happen because I probably won't remember word for word now but well I've been busy packing you know!!  Here are two of the latest convo's I was privy to because you know I am the driver of the van... the first one just melts my heart and it happened about a week ago and the second one is just plain funny and it happened the other day.

Convo #1
This is a dialogue between Nathan and Luke.  It happened that this night we were in the van there was a full moon and it was beautiful and sparked this conversation.
Luke: "Are the earth and the moon the same thing?"
Nathan: "I don't know Luke but you could pray and ask God.  You can ask Him just like this.. Dear God are the moon and the earth the same thing?  When He answers you can't hear him.  Sometimes he answers with thunder, sometimes with rain and sometimes with lightning.  You never know how He will answer.... you never know."

I thought this was the most precious conversation.  I love that Nathan knows God is faithful to listen to our prayers and answer them in all kinds of ways :-)

Convo #2
Again another dialogue between Nathan and Luke and honestly I have no idea what exactly they were discussing but it had something to do with Daddy and them and bending over to do something...Nathan informed Luke over and over that "Dad can't bend down anymore."  Seriously he must have said that four or five times and I am cracking up in the driver seat thinking surely he doesn't think we have gotten so old we can't bend over anymore.  So finally I ask him why daddy can't bend over anymore and he tells me its because he's been working out lately!!  Yep I cracked up.  I love those boys and I am sure going to miss them!!!!

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Paulette said...

That story about the earth and the moon just made me want to cry! I love those boys and their hearts so much!!!! Proud of you for teaching them to have such a strong faith in God....bless you! Love, Mom