Sunday, March 18, 2012

The blog...

Thanks to all those checking the blog. Yes, we are getting some good sleep but also trying to keep the blog updated regularly. I was playing around yesterday with the design page and exploring all the different tab options. One of them was "stats" and I was very humbled by the amount of people checking the blog (just over 12,000 people this year alone with many this month). You cannot see who is checking which is fine but just the number of people. You can also see how many people log in through Safari, Internet explorer, etc. It breaks it down by page views per day, per month, per year, etc and also highlights which Countries people logged in from. That was very cool to see the Countries highlighted from our "M" friends out there. Maybe I should have played around on this thing long ago but having fun now! LeighAnn gave me the instructions on how to add pictures, etc., so I am good to go now. So, that being said....really trying to keep everyone updated regularly, especially now seeing these numbers. Thank you Thank you Thank you for staying in touch this way. I am blown away by your encouragement and prayers.
David Pruiksma

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