Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So I don't really have any news to report of on the adoption front.  We are currently waiting on travel approval and that could come anytime between now and the next 2-3 weeks.  Yeah I am hoping for the now part.  In the meantime I have been busying myself sewing, rearranging rooms in the house,  getting Linnea's room ready, and really spending some quality time with my three little princes.  Oh how I love my three sons ;-).  Daddy was off at CFA seminar this week and the boys and I were home - we had a little Valentines date night and rented the movie Dolphin Tale - super cute if you have not seen it.  They helped me do some of my rearranging around the house (I think I am nesting.)  They really know how to step up and be the "men of the house" while daddy is away.  And of course you know I never slept alone - imagine that!!  We are now all a bit under the weather.  I know it sounds strange to say but I say bring on the sickness now so we can get it all out of the way before we travel.  I am so thankful that I did not end up going to seminar with David as on Sunday I ended up taking Ethan to an urgent care center his ears were hurting him so badly.  I certainly don't want my kiddos to be sick and want mommy while we are gone - that would be terrible.  Hopefully the coughs and colds well get on out of here.  Daddy came back home tonight and we were all glad to see him.  Thankful we are all under the same roof again!!

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