Friday, February 24, 2012

a child's perspective .....

Needless to say the kids were just as excited as we were about finally getting travel approval!!  It was so hard not to go and wake them up on Tuesday night after we got the phone call - don't worry I know better so I didn't.  But you can believe it was one of the first things we told them when they woke up on Wednesday morning.  This is a conversation between DP and Luke that morning as daddy was fixing his breakfast....

"Daddy, guess what, we got travel approval!!!'

"Yes we did.... I guess Mommy told you!?"

"yep and now we need to pray and thank God."

Love the perspective of our five year old.  We are truly thankful that God's hand has been upon us in this whole process.  We have just begun studying Nehemiah at our church and it has been such a great study and so applicable in this process of waiting and praying.  Nehemiah prayed daily that God would grant him success - and he actually prayed this for very long time before God granted him success - but God did indeed grant him success.  We can say like Nehemiah did "for the good hand of my God was upon me."  Praise be to God!!

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Southern Cheesehead said...

Hubby and I did a study on Nehemiah on our own after we went through a very difficult church situation at a plac where Ernie was pastor. God taught us a lot! We're praying for you guys!!!