Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yep she's a cutie.....

We sent a package back for Linnea with Jenny our contact in China over the holidays.  We got some pictures of her opening the things we sent.  I had also sent some questions to TCH asking about Linnea and her personality.  Well here is what we got... I did not change any of the translation that was lost in the answers to the questions we sent....

Does she like a bath? Yes, like
Is she afraid of water? Not very much afraid of
Does she sleep in a crib or a bed? Sleep alone baby bed
Where does she sleep? Foster mother with the same bedroom
Does she still take a nap? Occasionally will take a nap, generally don't take a nap
Does she sleep with anything in particular?NoShe sleep like sucking his fingers
Does she sleep with a night light or music?No, Want to open small night light
Does she drink from a sippy cup or a bottle? Can use,OK
What does she like to drink? As long as is sweet like. Don't be fastidious about food
What are her favorite foods to eat? Candy, cookies, bananas, bread, noodles in soup bars
What makes Zhong Sha happy? Outdoor activities, with her interaction, and children play together
What toys does she like? Have music, novel all kinds of toys
What is she afraid of? Set off firecrackers
How much does she weigh? 8.5kg (this is about 18 1/2 pounds)
How tall is she?80cm (this is about 31 inches)
Does she have nickname her foster family calls her. ShaSha
If Zhong Sha is upset what soothes her? Hug her, and to coax her, and take her to go out to play

It seems as if she is a little thing.  These clothes I sent were 24 mos and they look big!!  And it looks like she and Ethan have some things in common - sucking their fingers and a love for bars!!  

We are awaiting on our notice from the National Visa Center that our paperwork has been cabled to Guanzhou.  Once we receive that - then our adoption agency will send the last of the paperwork to China - we will wait for that to be delivered to the Adoption Center in China and then await travel approval.  With Chinese New Year coming up - our wait will be extended a bit longer than usual.  Our agency says we should expect to travel in March.  Please continue to pray for us that God would provide what we still need to finalize the adoption and pray for Linnea as she has a huge transition ahead of her. 
As always thanks for keeping us with us!!


Kelly the Overthinker said...

Oh, she is SO beautiful!!!!

KBam said...

She is the piggy tails!!

Tara and Julian said...

wow! A whole new website! Looks great. :) How wonderful that you got those updates. I sent in questions 2 1/2 months ago and still nothing. I have a closet full of clothes that I hope will fit. Last I heard, last summer, my girls were tiny too.

Uh oh- no naps?? ;)