Monday, January 23, 2012

catching up....

David here. I will give this a shot since I may be doing some of the blogging when we go overseas. I am not crazy about this "girl looking" template on our blog but I can get over that to write a few things!

Here are a couple of our latest happenings:

Last Saturday I took the boys to Lowes as they love to go on the days they have kid's building projects. I think hammering nails into the wood is their favorite thing to do. Teaching them the patience to follow the instructions is almost a lost cause! I love getting to spend time with them and it gives Mommy much needed breaks from time to time. I think she actually got to sleep in that morning since we were out early. 
Here are a few pictures from this fun day. 

Last Sunday we were invited to be a part of the service at Woolsey Baptist Church. We thank them for the invitation to be a part of the service as the Pastor spoke about adoption during this particular Sunday during sanctity of life month. We had prayed for opportunities such as these at it was neat to get a random call from the Pastor that we did not know before last Sunday. Our prayer is that this was not about us, but to be an instrument to let people know of our testimony….how we were convicted through the Scriptures and through the messages from our own Church calling us to care for the fatherless and the orphan. Thanks to those who came up afterwards to talk with us. Since we point many to this blog for more information, here are some tools that helped us but feel free to call or email us if we can help in any way.
  • Books (these are good books to get you started and then there are more specific books if you do indeed decide to adopt, do foster care, etc)
    • Adopted for Life – This was one of the first "adoption" books we read and it is great. It is written by Dr. Russell Moore who is the Dean and VP of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
    • Adopt without Debt, Creative ways to cover the cost of adoption – Written by Julie Gumm and recommended often on Dave Ramsey's show. This book gives many practical ideas and also covers the majority of adoption grant organizations. 
    • Orphanology – Dr. Tony Merida, Pastor and Professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Internet resources – there are many resources online. The agency we used has a great website:
    • There are also many grant programs such as Steven Curtis Chapman's organization –

Martin Luther King Day

We took the boys to the Martin Luther King Day parade in Fayette County this past week. We had a great time and the weather was good. We had a great group of folks from our Church as well as other friends that attended. This was a great teaching moment for our children and I'm glad my family could be a part of the parade. The MacIntosh High School band came, there were many classic cars and other organizations in the parade. Here are a few pictures from that day.

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