Friday, January 20, 2012

Are they speaking Spanish??

This blog post is what I am going to call blogging incognito.  I have a friend (who shall remain nameless) that I have told over and over she needs to blog.  Her kids are soo cute and they say the funny things that I think just need to be blogged about,  I think she will want to be able to look back on all the funny things that were said and done but there is no blog and friend is more than likely not going to get one she is a good journaler and I am not which is why I have the blog but I am digressing as usual...  so I asked if I could share a story and she gave me permission.... maybe I can do more blogging incognito.... but for now here is the story.  You will have to just bear with me and keep reading because I won't use names or gender or ages so I am not quite sure how this will work out grammatically but you know me when I blog grammar goes out the window!!

So my friend and her family were on their way to friends sisters church.  One of the sisters children were going to be baptized and the family was going to be there for this celebration.  The church that they were attending was an assembly of God church.  My friend and her family attend a Baptist church so the children were not accustomed to some of the practices that occur in an assembly of God church setting - i.e. the speaking of tongues.  Well at some point in this service the practice of speaking in tongues occurred.  My friends youngest child immediately blurted out "are they speaking Spanish?'  I know you are probably thinking that this story is not that funny - but for me it is really funny - I even chuckled out loud as I was typing up the story.  So thanks for bearing with me and reading thus far - because this is a story I wanted to remember.

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