Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The "Christmas List...."

David and I usually are not really into the kids making a big Christmas list and telling us all the things they want for Christmas because we don't want to emphasize Christmas being all about getting presents and we don't want them to have set expectations.  They love getting all the catalogs in the mail and circling things they would like especially the "hunting magazines."  However this year while we were out of town one evening Nathan was really having a hard time with going to bed and there was much crying and drama - so we suggested he be allowed to have a flash light and some paper and write down a few things he might like for Christmas......thus he made a "Christmas List."  I am going to put a picture on here for you - and as you can see it is 2 pages full.  This list made us laugh soo hard!!  I will translate it for you below but I am going to use his spelling and punctuation - and possibly put some comments to the side.  Rest assured our first born dreams big!

Night Stand!                                                                                       
Book Light!                                                        
a small tv! (this will never happen)                  
some legos!                                                      
cook book!                                                        
hunting toys!
gi-Jos and some gi Jo things
some PJS!
a power wiels for weler!
10 Nerf guns!!!!
army stuf
a new Laptop!!!!!!! (what is he thinking??)
reymote catrol snow mobel !
some Wii things!!!!!!!
some tools with a saw and vest!!!
dirt bike!!!!!!!!!! (he drew a dirt bike - I can't replicate that)
a tree house
two tny pecees of wood
a box of nails!!!!
some paper
some cards!
a new jakit
a tikit to six flags
thas it!! (that is until we get to page 2)

cow boy bots!!!!!
air soft gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cell phon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (again not happening)
some bace balls!
Ninga stuf
an art esl with some pante
air soft hand gun!
a fish!
soem pens!
some tom and Jury movies

And that my friends completes his list.  Hope you guys got a good laugh we sure did!  He dreams big and we love him for it!! Love you Nathan!!

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