Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweet friends and fun

What a sweet time we had with our friends the Lees while they were here!! We feel so blessed to know them and I am so thankful for the special friendship we share. Nathan and Diana have such a testimony and God's grace is overwhelmingly evident in their lives. They came down for a special golf tournament put on for Emily

While they were in town they were supposed to stay at our house but because we had some sickness going on and that is not good for Emily - they stayed at David's parents house which is not too far away. So thankful they were willing to let them come and stay! We were able to visit and spend time together. It was so neat to hear our kids talk about and interact with Emily. Ethan was a little apprehensive but one evening he warmed up and sat next to her and showed her things and talked with her. It was so sweet for us to be able to watch both of them. 

The day after the tournament Diana and I were able to spend some time together doing a little crafting and cooking. Melanie my sister-in-law joined in on the learning fun as well!  She taught me how to make a few Chinese dishes!!  My kids actually got to eat rice that didn't taste like rocks!!  I think I can now safely cook us some rice anytime even fried rice -correctly!! Thank you so much Diana for teaching me!!  Enjoy these pics!!

Flower hairbow crafting
a little chopping lesson

Rice that is edible!!

some yummy fried rice and veggies!
Ginger scallion chicken 
I can't remember what this was called but it was my favorite!!
yummo broccoli
yummo green beans 
my first chinese dish cooked by me! 
me and Melanie got caught with some sweets! 
our finished silk flower bows!

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