Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our girl.......

Linnea had her birthday celebration this weekend at her friends in the park outing with TCH.  I won't keep you waiting here are the pics!!!!  Can March get here any quicker!!!???

opening her birthday outfit made by mommy

how cute is she??!!!

playing with friends

Linnea celebrated her birthday with 3 other friends from TCH

I love this face!

they are showing her pictures of mommy making her outfit

how funny
she gets a musical toy with a cow on it!!
Could this be any more appropriate!!

This is my favorite!!
 It looks like she is eating a pastry with chocolate on it
Can we say mama's girl already!!

SOOO thankful for TCH - she will cherish these pictures as do we!
Thank you Jenny, TCH and Linnea's foster mother and father for making it such a fun day for her and for letting us be able to see the fun!!


Tara and Julian said...

So precious! I know how hard it is for you not to be with her on her 2nd birthday, but it looks like she had a blast and is well loved! :) Tara

andrea said...


lissa said...

I can't wait to hug her!!! How precious she is! :)