Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Just a few moments ago the date in the U.S. became October 5th.  It has been October 5th for 12 hours now in China and today is Linnea's birthday - she is turning two!!  Several weeks ago we mailed out some goodies for her to have for her special day and a few for Christmas as well.  I made her an outfit to wear for her birthday celebration with her foster family and the other families that live in her village.  I also made her a little purse  and then for Christmas I made her the "annual Christmas eve pj's" and a warm blanket to cuddle up with.  We threw in some other things as well.  Here are a few pics of what was in the package and then the packages all wrapped up...

Birthday shirt and skirt and hairbow made my mommy
Birthday goodies
Christmas goodies
all ready to go!!
a little help from google translator
Tonight I made a little strawberry cake with some pink icing and we had a little birthday celebration for her.  We let the boys blow out the candles.  Luke has been sick this week so he is not looking so up to par.  Right before I was finishing up the cake and icing I had asked Ethan who's birthday it was and who the cake was for and he said Linnea and then he asked me "is sister coming?"  after all in his mind who has a birthday party and doesn't even show up for their own celebration?  My heart was melting and aching at the same time - longing for her to be home on her birthday.  We are thankful that the Lord has in His kindness given her a loving foster family to be with her on her birthday.  We should get some pictures soon of her little celebration.  I will be sure to post them when they come.  For now Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!!

Strawberry cake with pink icing and sprinkles
Happy Birthday Linnea!! We love you!!
Eating a cupcake for Linnea :-)


Anonymous said...

we are just so excited for you guys! I am filled with so much joy that you are adding to your family. We miss you guys and can't wait to meet your daughter!

(please send me an email on how we can help donate).

andrea said...

very sweet! we celebrated emma lael's 3rd birthday before we adopted her...Happy Birthday Linnea

aunt andrea ;0)

Anonymous said...

This is so very very sweet. Thanks for sharing. Does the foster family have access to your blog that they can share these wonderful pictures with her? What a delight to see that you are celebrating her birthday with her around the world.
Andrea DeWard

KBam said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! I know it is so hard during the wait to miss these special events. Just think how special her birthday will be next year when she is HOME!