Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a treat!!!

What a treat for our family!!  Blogger doesn't doesn't do this video justice as far as graphics are concerned but I had to let you see her!! The first video is really short but the kids got quite a kick out of that one!! She has quite the expressions in the second one!  I just love her to pieces!! Truly a mommy in love with her daughter!! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our girl.......

Linnea had her birthday celebration this weekend at her friends in the park outing with TCH.  I won't keep you waiting here are the pics!!!!  Can March get here any quicker!!!???

opening her birthday outfit made by mommy

how cute is she??!!!

playing with friends

Linnea celebrated her birthday with 3 other friends from TCH

I love this face!

they are showing her pictures of mommy making her outfit

how funny
she gets a musical toy with a cow on it!!
Could this be any more appropriate!!

This is my favorite!!
 It looks like she is eating a pastry with chocolate on it
Can we say mama's girl already!!

SOOO thankful for TCH - she will cherish these pictures as do we!
Thank you Jenny, TCH and Linnea's foster mother and father for making it such a fun day for her and for letting us be able to see the fun!!


I cannot believe I am about to say this but I think I found a cupcake better than Crumbs - my all time favorite cupcake place in NYC (they have other locations but none of them are remotely close to me.)  I believe myself to be a connoisseur of cupcakes - if there is a cupcake around - I will try it.  So as you can imagine I have tried a good number of cupcakes and have yet to find one that was just over the top - besides the ones I eat at Crumbs.  Now please don't get me wrong - Crumbs cupcakes are still in my favorites and if I am ever in the area of a Crumbs - please note I will be eating one of their cupcakes.  Having said all that - the best cupcake I have eaten as of today came from this place

Now this is not a very good picture as I was across the street - but it is called Hey Cupcake and it has a big swirling cupcake on the top of this RV looking trailer you see.  It is located in Austin Texas and unfortunately nowhere else.  Why is it all the really good cupcake places are never anywhere near me!! Anyway I digress..... so the menu is limited but the cupcakes I tried - yes I said cupcakes were oh so yummy!!  I had the pumpkinator whipper snapper style.  What this means is that I got a squirt of homemade whip cream shot right into the middle of my cupcake and boy was it good.  It was the best cupcake ever!! So moist. It was pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing with graham crackers sprinkled on top along with my whip cream in the middle.  Okay it was soo good!!  Take a look....

I also tried a vegan cupcake called the Elvis - it was banana cake with chocolate chips inside with a peanut butter cream cheese icing - it was also very delicious and oh so moist.  For later I got a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese icing - I can't remember its exact name - but I do remember it was not my favorite and in the chocolate cupcake category so far Crumbs is still my favorite there.  David tried the strawberry and red velvet both of which he said were fabulous.  So next time you are out in Austin go to Hey Cupcake try a cupcake and bring me back one too.  For that matter if you are ever near a Crumbs cupcake shop contact me!!

Luke on the farm....

Before we left for Texas the boys and I went on a field trip with Luke's preschool class to Southern Belle Farms.  LOVED it!!  We had a great time learning about pumpkins and farm animals.  We got to see a cow get milked - we saw a baby calf that was only 2 weeks old.  And if you can believe this - we saw pig races!!  It was the cutest thing.  I wish I had thought to take a picture - because they swam in water!  It was a fun morning for all of us!!

Hook em Horns!!

This weekend I had the opportunity to travel with David to the CFA market in Austin Texas. While we were there I had the opportunity to tour the University of Texas Football offices and I got to meet UT Longhorns coach Mack Brown. If that wasn't fun enough - one of the operators out in Austin gave us tickets to the UT vs. Okalahoma State game. Can you say FUN!! Coach Brown was so hospitable and just hearing how he coaches and his vision for the Longhorns was enough to make me a fan! Here are a few pictures from our time in Texas. Hook em Horns!!!

Coach Brown
Love the comma at the end - continuing to strive for excellence!
This was a painting and no matter how you looked at it - the Longhorn was always looking at you!

Sweet friends and fun

What a sweet time we had with our friends the Lees while they were here!! We feel so blessed to know them and I am so thankful for the special friendship we share. Nathan and Diana have such a testimony and God's grace is overwhelmingly evident in their lives. They came down for a special golf tournament put on for Emily

While they were in town they were supposed to stay at our house but because we had some sickness going on and that is not good for Emily - they stayed at David's parents house which is not too far away. So thankful they were willing to let them come and stay! We were able to visit and spend time together. It was so neat to hear our kids talk about and interact with Emily. Ethan was a little apprehensive but one evening he warmed up and sat next to her and showed her things and talked with her. It was so sweet for us to be able to watch both of them. 

The day after the tournament Diana and I were able to spend some time together doing a little crafting and cooking. Melanie my sister-in-law joined in on the learning fun as well!  She taught me how to make a few Chinese dishes!!  My kids actually got to eat rice that didn't taste like rocks!!  I think I can now safely cook us some rice anytime even fried rice -correctly!! Thank you so much Diana for teaching me!!  Enjoy these pics!!

Flower hairbow crafting
a little chopping lesson

Rice that is edible!!

some yummy fried rice and veggies!
Ginger scallion chicken 
I can't remember what this was called but it was my favorite!!
yummo broccoli
yummo green beans 
my first chinese dish cooked by me! 
me and Melanie got caught with some sweets! 
our finished silk flower bows!