Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pieces to the puzzle

just an example;-)
Adoption is somewhat like a puzzle.  There are so many different pieces that have to be put together.  David being the creative one that he is - came up with the idea to do a puzzle for the girls.  We will send in a photo of the girls to a photo company and they will make a puzzle out of it kind of like the one pictured here.  We plan to do the puzzle and have it framed and mounted between two sheets of glass so the back side of the puzzle can be seen.  You are probably wondering why would we want the back side of the puzzle to be visible.  Let me explain....  David and I are in the process of sending out an adoption journey letter (which can be read here.)  Our hope is that you would come along side us and partner with us in our adoption making you a piece of the puzzle.  We have already been so overwhelmed at God's goodness.   We have been blessed with your gifts and words of encouragement and we are so thankful.  Every prayer, note of encouragement or gift we receive becomes a puzzle piece.  Here is an illustration - there is a little girl at our church named Lydia she is six I think.  She has been in cubbies with me and now she is in children's choir with me.  A few Sundays ago she handed me a card.  This is not unusual for Lydia as she is so thoughtful - making me cards, and bracelets.  So when I sat down I opened up the card and it said congrats.  In it was five dollars and this note from Lydia "hera is some mony for adopteding...Love Lydia" We later found out from her parents that this money had been given to her for her birthday a few days prior.  Lydia's name is going to go on the back of a puzzle piece.  God used this sweet child to be a part of our journey to complete the puzzle and help bring Linnea and Kaylah home.  Another example of this is when David received a random phone call from our home owners insurance agent to tell him that he and his family were praying for us and our adoption. The Baileys are now a part of our puzzle.  It is a joy to see how many people are following our blog (even when aren't aware) and praying for us.  It is our intent to one day be able to show the girls the back of the puzzle picture so they can see the many names of those who helped bring them home.  Thank you for being a part of our journey.


dianadear said...

Love this idea! I have a friend who's friend did a somewhat similar thing, with each puzzle piece representing someone who helped bring their baby home. Love it! Can
t wait to see all your "girly" projects... : )

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I read this post about the picture puzzle. I am wondering if it is finished and how it turned out, front and back.
I hope you see this post, some of the times I don't see my comments posted anywhere, so I am posting this one as Anonymous.
What a journey all of you are on, and it is just beginning. God be with you all each step of the way.
Love and blessings, Jean

Pruiksma's Progress said...

Sorry I am just now seeing the question above about the finished picture frame. We are waiting to get Abbie home and then we will have this created with both Abbie and Linnea in the picture. On the back side we will have all the names on indvidual puzzle pieces.
David Pruiksma