Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ten years ago today......

I have been waiting to write this blog post for a week as I have been thinking about this day for some time - but I wanted to do it on the actual day of our first date ten years ago today I finally gave in and met DP for coffee.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.  This sweet husband of mine was so persistent that he asked me out 3 times before I finally accepted.  See I only got a job at the Dwarf House so I could make some money before I went out on the mission field.  I knew my time there would be short because I was going to be moving overseas.  So you can see why I turned him down.  The last thing I needed was to be getting into a relationship with anyone - but I won't go into all the long details because you can see how things turned out :-)  However I want to walk down memory lane of our first date (even though at that time I would not have called it a date - funny how time changes things) because today marks 10 years ago that I finally gave in and met him for coffee -funny thing is at the time I didn't even like coffee!!

It was September 7, 2001 and I had to go sing at a church and give a missions report.  I told DP I could meet him at Starbucks in PTC at the Avenue after I was done singing.  DP wanted to come and hear me sing and do my report but I told him no - he says I was a little mean and he even tried to convince me to let him come but I didn't give in.  He says I was a real challenge - hard to get ;-) Since I wouldn't let DP come hear me he decided to go and hang out at J93.3 with some of his friends they were having some kind fundraising event on the air for World Vision.  He was with our dear friend and dj Sheila Richards Harper -who just this week she lost her battle with cancer.  What sweet memories we have of her but I am digressing.   I made it to Starbucks and since at the time I didn't like coffee I ordered a water.  It's so funny to hear David tell this story because after I finally agreed to go meet him we meet at a coffee place and I order a water.  We sat outside and talked forever.  I knew that night there was something different about him ..... the rest is history!!  

In honor of tonight we revisited our good old stomping "grounds" (get it ha ha).  We took a drive out to Starbucks in PTC and I got coffee this time - I actually had two.  It was so fun to reminisce and see all the changes that have taken place over the last 10 years.   After some coffee we decided to head to the Dwarf house the place where it all began.  We enjoyed sitting in the booth where we used to have chats during break time.  It was so fun to see Leslie tonight as she is one of the few employees who was there when it all began.  It was fun to see her and remember back to our early dating days.  

I am so thankful that DP was indeed persistent.  Even more so thankful that God is sovereign and even in my turning him down more than once - he kept asking.  A lot has changed in these past ten years.  As I have been thinking about our first date and all that we have been through I was reminded of the song David wrote me when we got married.  These words convey exactly how I feel......


The Lord has been quite good to me 
I've always knows that true
There's no doubt He blessed me most
The day He gave me you
You've made world much better
With your tender loving ways
And brought a sweet contentment
A real beauty to my days

Every time I look at you 
I thank my Lord above
For giving me a miracle
The gift of you to love

Your a miracle to me 
A special gift from God above
Your life is a reflection 
Of the beauty of God's love
You're a blessing in my world
A gentle soul unique and rare
Who always lifts my spirits 
With your tender loving care

You're everything I hoped for
The one I love and ever need
And thats why you'll always be a miracle to me

And every time I look at you 
I thank my Lord above
For giving me the miracle 
The gift of you to love
And every time I look at you 
I thank my Lord above
For giving me the miracle
The gift of you to love
The gift of you to love

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