Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A little R and R

We have been enjoying some time on the beach this week for our family vacation.  It is hard to think next year this time family vacation will include 2 more children!!  We are really enjoying the time with the boys and they are having such a wonderful time.  Ethan still is unsure about this whole beach, water, sand thing I sure am hoping he grows out of it.  It has worked out well because when David gets tired of the sun and hot weather he and Ethan go up and E takes a nap and D chills out.  My other two boys are just like there mama and would stay out all day!! In fact yesterday was an all day in your bathing suit kind of day.  We took a quick break in the mid afternoon and then went right back outside and stayed til dark.  N and L were in having the time of their lives.  I was enjoying watching their fun and excitement and finishing up a good book.  It really was a fun day.  I haven't been as good about capturing pictures.  I kind of feel like there are only so many you can take of them playing in the sand.  The weather has been beautiful - HOT but the scenery is breathtaking.  The water has been so clear.  I am thankful for water and how it not only is beautiful to look at but refreshing from the heat.  It is magnificent.

He only likes the water if he is in this raft!

take my "piture"  mama

Nathan and Daddy riding the waves

playing til the sun goes down...

Luke shell hunting

this is my little fish!!

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