Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Stop - China

The package for our sweet girl arrived in China and today we got some pictures of her opening it up and trying on some of the clothes we bought her.  I made her all the hairbows you see.  We were told she really liked her sippy cup which had tinkerbell on it, the clothes, and her little backpack.  God is so gracious to us.  We feel so privileged to see our daughter.  Words cannot describe how I was feeling as I looked through these pictures today.  The last picture you will see is Linnea with her foster parents.  This picture really evokes so much emotion in me -again not something I think I can put into words.  The mother is holding up her two fingers not indicating the peace sign but "victory."  This is very common in China especially in pictures - I remembered it as soon as I saw it.  What great memories I have from my time there.  Enjoy these pictures of our precious girl - I know we did!!

she is looking at our photos

checking out her new brothers

loving that sippy cup

she must like to color

she was eating up those raisins

This is my favorite

We are beyond grateful for this family...


KBam said...

She is so precious!!! I bet you've looked at each picture a million times :) That's what I do when we get new ones of Lily.

So excited for you!

Sharon Townsend said...

OH, LeighAnn! How awesome to see her holding and wearing and looking at gifts from your sweet family's hands!!!!

Chris and Abby said...

she is precious!!!!!

~ Dawn ~ said...

WOW... what a gift to be able to see her and send her things! I KNOW you want the gift of GETTING her!!!!! I have a friend in Ethiopia right now getting her daughter... you will be there soon!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

3monkeys said...

So precious!! What a tremendous blessing to see your sweet little Linnea's face this morning! Praying she will soon be in your arms.

Paige said...
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Paige said...

We adopted our daughter Lilah (Mao Xinen) from TCH in May 2009 and she had the same foster parents that your daughter has! They were such wonderful loving people and the whole family came to meet me when we were in China. They did spoil Lilah, which did cause some issues when she got home, adjusting to our family etc. But I am so thankful that she was in such loving care until we got her!