Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's a MATCH

Today I got on the website of our adoption agency and our daughters picture was up on the site and next to it was the word MATCHED.  Do you know just how much joy that brings to us??  I can't even explain.  I wanted to share one more story and a few updated pictures.  These stories that have become crafted into our adoption journey have only one explanation - they were weaved by the ultimate Craftsman - God.  It is such a privilege for you to be able to share this journey with us.  I was telling a good friend that I am just overwhelmed by God's goodness to me - as we are all so undeserving of anything good.  She reminded me that while God does indeed shower me with His goodness and loving kindness because He loves me so - that is really just a bonus for me.  He is making Himself known to others through our stories and His glory is being revealed and that is His ultimate purpose - making Himself known!!!  So I hope you see Him all over this story and that you too will praise Him for He indeed is good and His love endures forever.

This story takes place the Saturday morning after we had been matched with Linnea.  Like probably a good number of people - I checked my email on Saturday morning and found an email from Andrea - stating that Linnea had been moved from the orphanage to a childrens home that was run by Americans and she gave me the email address of the director of the childrens home.  We believed that she was in foster care but were really not sure of all the logistics.  I should note here - this is huge!! There are not many childrens homes in China and this was so good on so many levels.  She would be getting excellent care and if she was in a foster home she was getting one on one care!!
So right away I email the director Jenny.  Knowing it was 9 am our time meant that it was 9pm Saturday night China time.  I at best was hoping Jenny might check her email before she went to bed but even if she did she wouldn't be at the childrens home so she likely wouldn't be able to answer my a zillion questions - but I emailed anyway.  I told her we would be adopting Zhong Sha (Linnea's chinese name) and we were so thrilled and excited. I asked a few questions about her you know how big was she, is she in a foster home, what is she like etc. etc.  I told her a little bit about ourselves and off the email went into cyber world.  While I was on the computer I checked out her childrens home True Childrens Home and searched for any pictures or updates I could find about our sweet little girl.  30 minutes later I got a response from Jenny.  She just wanted to acknowledge my email, told us Linnea was indeed in a foster home.  She would try and get some updated pictures for us and answer our questions soon.  She did ask us where we were from at the end of her email.  I right away responded and thanked her for getting back to me and I let her know we were from Fayetteville.  The funny thing about that is - I debated whether to write Atlanta or Fayetteville - I mean seriously how many people know where Fayetteville is - but I decided that all our paperwork said Fayetteville and that is how I was going to leave it - I didn't want to take any chances.  I didn't expect to hear back from her by this time it was late Saturday night in China and she had already emailed me so I just went on about my day.  I had been doing some laundry and had taken some folded clothes upstairs and I noticed on my cell phone I had an email from Jenny (today I was really thankful for technological advances) I'm holding my laundry and read the note off my phone it reads "LeighAnn I hope you are sitting down - I am in Peachtree City right now. - Jenny"  All of my folded laundry went to the floor.  I was in total shock and utter excitement.  There is a lady who has held my daughter literally 15 minutes from me!!! AHHHHHH.  I quick emailed her can you call me can we meet here are my phone numbers etc.  I called DP and Andrea who just could not believe this news.  I was talking on the phone with DP when I got the next email.  Jenny says she will call us later and explain why she was in the states.  She and her husband used to live in Georgia she worked for the Chick-fil-A corporate office.  In the words of my good friend Nat I said to David as I was reading this email aloud "Shut up....."  That was for you Nat! If you know me that is not a word I use ever - but now it is a joke btween us and the Grubbs our friends who are also adopting so it was kind of appropriate.  Anyway I digress.   So not only has Jenny held our baby but she used to work for CFA.  I wrote her back telling her DP worked at CFA and I was just so in awe of how all this was working out.  Only God could orchestrate events like this.  She shared with us that she had just had dinner the night before with some of DP's coworkers.  WOW was all we could say and we continue to say that today.  Even as I type this I am saying WOW!!

We did get to catch up with Jenny on the phone and she was in town to attend a wedding of the daughter of a CFA employee and visit with her family.  She will head back to China in August.  We are hoping to be able to meet up with her.  I cannot wait to hug the neck of a lady who has been instrumental in the care of our daughter.  This really is such a blessing on so many levels but more importantly it shows how God is intimately involved in all the details of our lives.  We recently got a few new pictures of Linnea from Jenny.  She looks so well taken care of.  Oh how I pray for her foster parents.  We long to meet them and talk to them face to face.  This will be bittersweet for them.  Here is our sweet girl!! We love her soo much!!


Shannon said...

She's gorgeous! I know you can't wait to get her into your arms. Congratulations, can't wait to read the rest of your journey.

Jean's Ramblings said...

My heart is so full, LeighAnn. We adopted our son, 46 years ago, so I have at least an inkling of what is going on inside of you and David...Pam was 11 at the time so can't say how the boys really feel. There is not a shadow of doubt as to the Hand of God moving, working in the most minute detail of your whole process. Thank you so much for sharing your journey to Linnea. You are loved, by God and by me.

The Mintons (Chris, Karen, Lucas, Levi) said...

Hooray! I know you can't WAIT to bring her home!

The Mintons (Chris, Karen, Lucas, Levi) said...

Hooray! I know you can't WAIT to bring her home!