Friday, August 12, 2011

Correction and an update...

I need to make a correction to one of my earlier posts about Linnea (It's a MATCH.)  And I will edit that post but I thought I would tell you here as well.  I said that Linnea was moved to TCH (True Childrens Home) after she had surgery and that is incorrect.  She was moved to TCH first and then through TCH had her surgery.  I found out today that her surgery was sponsored by someone through TCH.  I am so thankful for this and will have the opportunity to write this generous donor/donors after the adoption.  Just another incredible blessing. I am so grateful for Jenny as she has been able to share with us and clarify things like this and fill in parts of her life we might not have ever known.  So THANK YOU Jenny!! Linnea Hope has quite a story already and I am looking forward to seeing how God continues to write her story. Speaking of sweet Linnea....

I got a new pictures today!!  I just want to squeeze that little cupcake!!  I want to kiss those sweet cheeks and tell her how long I have prayed for her and how much we have wanted her.  I could go on - but I will stop for now.  On top of getting a new picture today I called the USCIS - customs and immigrations.  If you remember we had to send our paperwork off to them and then we had to be fingerprinted and since we've been fingerprinted we have been waiting for our approval.  Well I decided to call on Monday to see where we were in the approval process and the gentleman on the phone said that our paperwork was there in some tub waiting to be assigned an agent to review the case.  Comforting  I know... so I asked if he could be a little more detailed.  Basically he said that our paperwork is in tub somewhere waiting for an agent and that could take up to 90 days.  This was not really what I was looking for and knowing that we had been fingerprinted almost 30 days ago I just decided I would keep calling every few days and see where it was.  I mean who was I hurting by this.  I called Wednesday and spoke with a woman this time - much more comforting she said that they had it and call back next week and check on it - it has not been taking 90 days she informed me. Well I called back today and guess what?? It has been assigned an agent.  I even received an email from our agent and he has it on his desk - it takes about two days to review and then they mail out our approval.  So here is hoping for next week!!  I was so tickled!! New info, a picture and an agent all in one day!! Woo hoo!! We have so much to be thankful for!! Praise the Lord!!

look at those sweet little hands
so glad we sent her some crayons!

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