Wednesday, August 3, 2011


That is what all three of our boys said today as we showed them our latest adoption email.  I am getting spoiled!!  We got some more new pictures of Linnea today.  We are so fortunate that Lifeline just sent a medical missions team to our orphanage in Maoming.  Dr. Chambers from the top notch International Childrens Clinic went along with the team.  This is so great!!  It is a bit expensive to take your kids to the IAC but we got a medical exam for free so to speak.  While the team was there they took some new pictures of the kids.  Linnea was brought from her foster home down to the orphanage to be checked out - we are awaiting the medical report but have no concerns really as she looks so good.  Here are the pics they sent us!  Is she not just too cute!!

This is one of our favorites :)

Love her!!!!


Anonymous said...

Does that first picture mean that she plays an instrument??? I think that she looks like one of yours! :)
Praise the Lord! LPH

Pruiksma's Progress said...

I hope so! Wouldn't that be great!! We think she looks a little like Ethan!! I think it is her cheeks!