Saturday, July 9, 2011

So I have a favor to ask....

As most of you know and have read by now we are in the process of adopting two little girls from China - you probably read my whole countdown post and yes we are still waiting.  But we are not the only ones waiting.  It just so happens that our dear friends Wade and Natalie are waiting too!  Just a little 411 - Wade and Natalie are our friends from Berachah, our church.  We have known them for a few years but have recently become much closer as God has put us on the same adoption path.  We are using the same agency, adopting from the same country, had the same social worker, you get the idea.  The only difference is they started the process a bit before us.  So what that essentially means is they are one step ahead.  I have to say what a blessing it has been to be on the journey with someone you know and not just someone you know but your close friends.  Natalie and I were already bonded for life because of our hope in Christ but now we are really bonded even more because of this process that we are in.  I can't tell you how many coffees we have had or phone calls that have taken place over the last few months I am so thankful for her and how God has seen fit to knit our lives together in only a way HE could do.
So this brings me to my favor.  We REALLY REALLY REALLY would love to be able to travel to China together.  Looking at it from a paperwork standpoint - it seems nearly impossible because they, Wade and Nat, are ahead of us in the paperwork trail journey.  However we know that we serve a God who makes the impossible possible.  So that is where you come in - you can pray.  Natalie and I have been praying for this because it is a desire we have and we also know that it may not be God's will but it certainly doesn't hurt to pray.   Specifically you can pray that the Lord would work out all the details i.e. our paperwork moving faster than ever and that we got matching consulate appointments in China.
Nat has been on vacation for 9 days which seemed like forever to me so we got to catch up tonight and we both again stated how we wished we could travel together.  It's something we both pray for so I said to her why are we not asking other people to pray that for us??  So that's my favor - would you join us and pray that we could travel together.  We do know that this may not be God's will for our lives but we know He is faithful to bring about His perfect will whatever that may be.  Thanks for praying!

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