Monday, July 25, 2011

A Mama of boys...

Have I ever mentioned I love being a mom to boys!  Don't get me wrong I eagerly await the day I can bring home our sweet girls but there is something to be said about being a mommy of all boys.  It actually is a feeling I don't think I can put into words - all I can say is that I love it!  I think I live vicariously through them.  I so much enjoy the looks on their faces when they are having fun - it really is priceless.  Having said that the boys and I took a little adventure to south GA to visit my brother and then some friends.  Being down here has brought back many memories as I went to college and interned at a church around the area we are in.  Daddy is at home keeping things burning on the homefront.  We miss him terribly and I think if I hear "I miss daddy" again I might develop a complex :)  But I do wish he were here to enjoy these fun memory making moments too!

This morning and this evening we went to church but we had time in the afternoon to get in a little river fun.  Ethan wasn't so sure about this whole river adventure and being in a boat - but he warmed up to the idea.  Nathan and Luke loved it as you will see in the following pictures.  We road on the john boat,  played in the river, N and L rode on the tube and the jet skis and N jumped off the dock - almost 18 feet down plunging into the river.  We really had fantastic afternoon as you will see through the pictures!

Mommy and Ebear

Luke on the tube

sweet brothers...

tubing together

check out these expressions

having fun!!

"fishing" with a stick...

river play

Ethan got in the water!!

Nathan was doing a handstand!

getting ready to jump

taking the plunge 18 feet down into 12 feet of h2o!  I love the shadow in the water.

hey mom!!
We are beach bound tomorrow!! The boys can't wait!!

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