Saturday, July 2, 2011

60 some days but who's counting??

Thought I would give you and update on our adoption process.  And I'm the one counting not David.  So here is where we are.  We finished our part of our home study in May right before we left for Italy and in record time might I add.  Funny how the Lord works - we weren't even going to turn in our adoption application until we got back from Italy.  Then we decided to turn it in (late March) but thought for sure we wouldn't even begin our home study until after our Italy trip in mid May - and yes we finished our home study before we left for Italy.  I digress sorry.  Before we left we filled out our CIS papers - for homeland security and immigration but we could not mail them until our home study had been written and reviewed and notarized etc.  We finally got all of that done on June 14 and got our papers in the mail and off to our agency who in turn sent them off to the govt.  I got a letter from the govt this week saying that they had received our application and would be sending us our appointment time for our biometric fingerprints.  Here is where the 60 some days come into play. We have some good friends who just got their approval from CIS and it took about 64 days from the day the govt cashes the check we sent them.  So yes I am counting down the days sort of.  I'm not literally marking the days off the calendar but I am thinking about them.  If the time frame is right then we should receive our approval from homeland security at the end of August.  You might be wondering why I have a countdown on this - well let me tell you what happens next.  After we get approval from CIS/homeland security our paperwork goes back to our agency and they get all those papers (which makes up our dossier) notarized, certified and authenticated, then our paperwork/dossier goes to China!!!! Yay yay!! Once our paperwork goes to China and they get it we can be matched with our girls - so see why I have a countdown.  I am so ready to see the faces of our little Linnea Hope and Kaylah Claire.  I get so excited just thinking about it.  If time frame follows the pattern of those who have proceeded us we should be logged in with China at the earliest late September but more likely early October. Here is a timeline our caseworker sent so you can see kind of what the process is like....

1.    Home study completed
2.    800a application submitted with finalized home study to USCIS
3.    Fundraise
4.    Immigration approval received from USCIS (approx. 2-3  months)
5.    dossier docs certified/authenticated (approx. 2-3 weeks)
6.    dossier sent to China
7.    Log-in date received ( LID) from CCCWA (approx. 3-4 weeks after DTC)
8.    Letter of Acceptance (LOA) received from China (approx. 2-3 months after LID)
9.    800 paperwork submitted to USCIS
10.  800 provisional approval received (approx 3 weeks after submission)
11. information for visa sent by USCIS to National Visa Center (NVC)
12. information for visa cabled to the US Embassy in GZ by the NVC (approx. 2 weeks after information sent by NBC to NVC)
13. Article 5 letter received (approx 2 weeks from cabling)
14. Article 5 letter couriered to the CCCWA
15. Travel Approval received from CCCWA (approx. 3-4 weeks from being received by CCCWA)
16. Apply for Consulate Appointment
17. Receive Consulate Appointment (2approx 2 business days after application)
18. Travel (approximately 2 weeks after receiving TA)

Hopefully that makes a little sense.  Our agency has privileges with an orphanage in Maoming China in the Guangdong Province.  We have seen some of the children from the orphanage on our agencies website so you can probably see where my excitement is coming from.  And I am excited.  So where does that leave us right now praying and fundraising.  I know God has all the details worked out.  I wish I could say waiting was easy but it isn't always.  However I rest in knowing He knows Linnea and Kaylah.  Thanks for keeping up with us and keep praying!!

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