Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brotherly Love

So (there's that word again..) the other night at dinner Ethan was being a bit of a pill. This is not unusual in the evening. I then said "what are we going to do with Ebear?" Then I made the joke that we might have to put him in the garbage and of course we all giggled and said no!!! Then here are Nathan's exact words very matter of fact ....."Besides the social worker has to meet him on Friday." This cracked me up!! We have our homestudy visit here at the house on Friday. I guess in Nathan's mind we at least need to keep Ethan until then :-) Ethan these days is affectionately calling himself the baby and letting us know that he is still the baby around here. Not that we need reminding :-) We sure love that Ebear and we definitely won't put him in the garbage and he WILL be staying past Friday after all he is mama's baby :)!

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