Thursday, April 7, 2011

3+2= WOW!!!!

"So"........David says that that word is my most favorite in the English language and I use it ALL the time. This is true I do overuse it - he counts the word in my sentences :-). Needless to say I am definitely aware when I use it now - but I still use it. However I am digressing here so... (see) I just thought I would update you in the adoption process. I am super happy to report that we have turned in our paperwork and the process has officially begun. We turned in our paperwork via the internet very early Monday morning ie in my book it was late Sunday night :) We received our first phone call around 10 am on Monday and I think you could have felt our excitement across the world!! I just love the agency and the people we are working with!!

You might be wondering what the 3 + 2 has to do with anything or maybe you have it figured out - you know 3 + 2 = 5 - right??!!! What that means for us is 3 boys plus 2 girls = party of 5 kids in our house!! We have decided to request that we be allowed to adopt 2 girls at the same time!!!! We are not sure how this will all work out but we KNOW for certain that God does. I looked back at my previous post when I first told you all that we were considering adoption and that was in August of last year. That was 9 months ago. During those 9 months God has been molding our hearts to be more like him and preparing us for this journey that lies ahead. In God's graciousness I have been able to look back and see just how he was preparing us for His timing and not mine!!! So :-) there you have it - we are hoping to bring home 2 little girls and not just one.

Just in this week alone God has been all over the details (yes I have been writing them down) and why I should have expected any less is just lack of faith on my part. Needless to say I am most thankful for the cross and what it means for me personally. We look forward to the day when we have the opportunity to share with the girls what it means for them too. After all in John 14:18 Jesus says "I will not leave you as orphans..." Christ adopted us and now we want to follow in His example.


Jean's Ramblings said...

Anxiously waiting to hear more news about the "little girls".

David said...

A double blessing from the Lord! We are so excited for you and look forward to seeing how God puts all the pieces together. It will be above and beyond anything you can imagine. We are praying for you and are here any time you need to talk or dream. We can actually go through the process together because we are looking to be matched with another child!

Blessings, Lois, David and Hannah Cooke

J Moran said...

What agency are you going through? Adoption is something Jeff and I have always wanted to pursue, we are always looking for people who have had great experiences with agencies! Congrats on the beginning of something that is sure to be an amazing exhibit of God's glory!

andrea said...