Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Singing Show

It probably comes to you as no surprise that David and I like to watch American Idol. Being musicians we sometimes enjoy the show. At our house though we do not refer to it as "American Idol" for a number of reasons so we started calling it the "singing show." Occasionally we will let Nathan watch it with us. Because we have the no tv rule in our house during the week - it really is a special treat that 1. he gets to watch tv and 2. that he gets to watch something mommy and daddy watch. Obviously we have to guard what he sees and hears. Having said all that last night the singing show was on and DP has been out so Nathan and I had a little date night on the couch and watched some of the singing show. I must say I was quite entertained by Nathan last night. He is very observant about what the judges say and what I think about the singer. At one point he says mom "you know how Randy Jackson said this really isn't the place for that other singer - that's what I think about this girl singing." If that wasn't funny enough after about the 3rd or 4th song he says this to me "mamma - if I ever get to be on the singing show I think I will sing We Gather Together." (Yes it is the hymn he is referring to) "You know cause I really just have that song stuck in my head and I like it AND I know all the words." Do you have any idea how hard it was for this mommy to keep a straight face and be as serious as he was??!! I absolutely LOVE his innocence and out of all the songs he knows - and he knows quite a few - he chose a song about gratitude - might mean nothing but I will take it! So 10 years from now if the singing show is still on - watch for Nate he just might be on there singing We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing.......

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