Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Glimpse .....

My precious children are all tucked in their beds hopefully fast asleep. David is out he will be heading out of town again this week and me well - here I am. I have written this post in my mind what feels like a million times - though not really. It is my sincere desire to share with you my heart tonight. Beware this post will undoubtedly be lengthy and grammatically incorrect and probably sporadic in thought. Writing has never been my gift. I hope you continue to read and pray for us as we head into a new chapter of life.

In January of this year David and I received an email from our friend Nicole who goes to church with us. She had a friend whom I will call Jane who was 16 weeks pregnant and going to have an abortion the next morning. Dave and I both got the email early Friday morning - I can remember it like it was just the other day. It was around 7 am and David wanted me to call Nicole immediately. I knew she would be awake as she teaches at a preschool but I think I was probably a little hesitant to call her - deep down I knew why we were going to call her and just before I picked up the phone David says to me tell her we will take the baby - just please don't have an abortion. We called Nicole - Jane comes from an Islamic background and her mother was going to kick her to the curb if she didn't have this abortion and it seems as she may have had a previous one. All this to say we told Nicole to give her our information and that we would gladly adopt her baby whatever the cost. At this point for me I do not think gravity so to speak had really set in. I thought about it a lot that day as Nicole was supposed to call us that evening with any news and she did. Nicole's mother and aunt had taken Jane out and they spoke and now Jane knew there was a family who would gladly take her baby - she decided not to have the abortion but she didn't know what she was going to do. What a praise - this baby was going to have a chance!!! We waited for a few weeks and nothing - no contact. I can tell you that I often thought what if this precious baby is a girl??!!! A few more weeks went by and we heard Jane was going to have a baby boy and she had decided to keep him. I was sad but not crushed. I must confess though - if she had been having a girl - I am not so sure if I would have handled it as well. We did not tell many people about this - especially not our children and you can see why. This precious baby was born just a few weeks ago and he is so adorable and I am so thankful God in his sovereignty spared his little life.

Now what? Well David and I have always talked about possibly adopting. Side note here for you who don't know - when I was in college I spent a couple weeks in China. I would have brought home all the children I encountered if I could have. I also was in the last stages of becoming a journeyman with the International Mission Board when I met my husband. Obviously God had other plans for my life. All that to say that David knew it was my desire to have a baby from China. I have always known I wanted 4 children - just one of those childhood dreams. Obviously adoption has been on our minds. Two weeks ago when David was at a conference he sent me an email all it said was " more paid time off for adoptive families at CFA." I immediately responded "That is so ironic that you just sent that to me as I have been really thinking a lot about adoption lately. I will continue to pray about it and hope you will too. Hope you are having a good time. Love and miss you." To which he responds " I got the email from CFA when the guest speaker was speaking on adoption. I think we seriously need to look into this." That email correspondence literally gives me chill bumps. Look how God was working in both our lives miles away from one another. I immediately called a friend who has adopted twice domestically. We talked for a while and she gave me an agency to check into. I of course googled them and read what I could. Then I got an email from a friend at church who has adopted from China - she has always known of my desire. This email was from an agency letting people know the great need for adopting children with special needs in China. David and I both have a strong desire to adopt a little girl from China - so here we are. I have contacted two adoption agencies and we are waiting on information packets. We know personally two families who have been through this process - I think what makes me so excited is that David called one of them. We both know I am fifteen steps ahead of him in my heart. All I can think about is we have to get our little girl home. I know if we had the money we would go get her tomorrow. However there are many steps in this journey. Why did I tell you all this? Well because most of you that read my blog are pray-ers. And boy do I have many requests. I have so many emotions going on inside of me. So if I may here are a few specifics.

1. Patience. This is such a biggie for me in so many areas of this journey!! We have to choose an agency and be accepted etc etc. Once paperwork is turned in there is a 12-18 month waiting period for a special needs child. 50 plus months for a non special needs child. Plus we have to have a good bit of money to even begin things.

2. This little girl - whoever she may be. I know God is sovereign and He already knows all the details.

3. Finances. I have started a little basket putting spare change in - the kids have even been helping as well. I am not good with money - so thankful for a husband who is!!! Please pray that when I have that urge to stop and just pick up lunch or whatever I think we might need at Target that I will think of this little girl - she is worth every penny. This will be costly and I will again need patience here. Men and women think differently - I with my heart and David with his head and the need to provide for our family etc. Pray that I will trust all his decisions regarding the how and when of finances. This really is the biggest request I have. I want to be a God honoring wife. I really want God to just dump a large sum of money in my lap - but I must be realistic about this - this part will take time. I am not a good waiter.

Please pray for me. I could write so much more but will save it for another time. Thanks for keeping up with us. Blessings ~