Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quick update.....

I seriously do not know how my blog friends keep up with their blogs!! I know I always say that. I have loads of pics and stories I must blog about but not enough time tonight - I will try to play catch up this week - but I just wanted to let you all
know I'm still here with my super duper hubby and 3 munchkins! We are all doing well staying busy. Let's see since April 14th my last post - Nathan graduated kindergarten, Luke turned 4, Dave and I went on a cruise, had VBS, and celebrated mothers day, fathers day, 4th of July and cow appreciation day and of course we have been swimming!! I have pics of all of this and I will elaborate in blogs to come - hopefully. I will leave you with a recent picture
of my munchkins on cow appreciation day! Aren't they ADORABLE!!

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the monkeys' mama said...

i love it! we thought about it but then i thought..i don't have time (ironic?) Hope you enjoyed!