Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

Okay Angie this is for you!!

I have always wanted to post a tutorial because I have benefited greatly from others posting them. So here goes - however I cannot take credit for this alone - my sweet friend Kristin deserves most of the credit because she took pictures first and sent them to me to teach me how to make a dress in the first place. On top of that she endured my millions of questions and chatted with me while I made my first dress. THANK YOU Kristin. This tutorial is not of my first dress (which happened to be a cow print dress for cow appreciation day) this is a dress I made this afternoon for a friends daughter and I put her monogram on it. Hope this helps anyone that might need it!

Lay out fabric like you would wear it. You need two layers

Fold the two layers in half vertically. Use a tank top or sleeveless dress to guide your armhole cut - but leave enough space (couple of inches) to come up past your armpit. Make sure you don't cut on the fold :)

Now you have two choices here: You can fold over the armpit area twice and hem or you can use bias tape. I used bias tape - and for this particular dress I actually made the bias tape.

To make bias tape : cut strips of fabric you determine the length depending on the size dress. Width can vary as well - I chose 3 inches wide.

Then fold in half and iron over. Open it up and fold one quarter to the half on one side and do the same to the other and iron. Now you have bias tape.

Stick the edge of the armpit area into the bias tape and sew. You will do this a total of 4 times.

Now small hem at the top of both layers - and then add a larger hem so you can fish your ribbon through it. You can always just fold over your fabric and then fold again for just one hem the point is just to have a finished edge.

Now place your two pieces of fabric right sides together and hem the sides. I start from the bottom and go up to armpit area. Then hem up the bottom - you can also use bias tape here as well.

Now monogram and fish your ribbon through and tie.

This is such a fun and easy project!! Much thanks again to my friend Kristin!!

Quick update.....

I seriously do not know how my blog friends keep up with their blogs!! I know I always say that. I have loads of pics and stories I must blog about but not enough time tonight - I will try to play catch up this week - but I just wanted to let you all
know I'm still here with my super duper hubby and 3 munchkins! We are all doing well staying busy. Let's see since April 14th my last post - Nathan graduated kindergarten, Luke turned 4, Dave and I went on a cruise, had VBS, and celebrated mothers day, fathers day, 4th of July and cow appreciation day and of course we have been swimming!! I have pics of all of this and I will elaborate in blogs to come - hopefully. I will leave you with a recent picture
of my munchkins on cow appreciation day! Aren't they ADORABLE!!