Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What did you do today??

So I got the boys settled with their magazines and Ethan with his blankie and sippy cup and then I sat down in the chair - and let the teeth cleaning begin- to which I then said to Pam my dental hygienist- is it crazy that this might actually be relaxing!! I have to go get my teeth cleaned just to be able to sit down for 30 minutes and mind you I had all of my boys with me!! No I am not strange - other moms have said the same thing. Thankfully my kids were very well behaved and I of course promised popsicles when we got home and they got to feed the fish in the waiting room at the dentist office- thanks Dr. Ed!!

It has been such beautiful weather. If you know me - you know summer is my favorite season and I cannot wait for it to get here!! I am ready for school to be out and the pool to be open. I am not the only one who loves the outdoors my boys have been outside everyday this week - it has been soo much fun!! It was a fun afternoon outside starting with our promised popsicles. We then tried to shoot a bird with the BB gun. I know it pains me to even write that. Me shoot a precious innocent creature that God has made. Well I missed - but that sweet little bird is building a nest in my dryer vent!! The funny part of the story isn't even that I missed - I just scared the bird half to death - he dropped his nesting materials and took off! What is funny is when I was holding the gun and Nathan comes right next to me and says "I know what kind of meat we'll be having for dinner tonight - bird meat." He was so serious. I am crying laughing right now just recalling the moment! We finished our afternoon with a walk. David's parents do not live to far from us and you can actually get to their house through some woods in our neighborhood so......
Over the fence and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go.......

Pops was cutting the grass when we got there and of course the boys had to have a turn riding around. Luke just liked to drive in circles and Ethan was terrified of the tractor!! The boys played in the dirt for awhile and then we headed home - check out Luke's face in the above pictures - I think he might have eaten the dirt!!
HaPpY bIrThDaY!!

My sweet Nathanael Allen turned 6 on Monday April 5th. I love my kids birthdays - it is always a sweet reminder to me of their birth story. God is so gracious to me and I want to always be mindful of His sweet graciousness that comes in the form of my children. I do pray that he will grow to love God with all his heart and follow after His ways. He is getting to be soo tall. I can remember when he laid in his swing just looking at me and I would wonder what he would be like when he was older!! Oh time passes too quickly. Nathan is such a sweet young boy. He is doing so well in school. He is a great reader and seems to love math - you can almost see him think. He is very much into jokes - I have David to thank for that - like father like son!! He has gotten me a few times - and he just giggles and I smile. He enjoyed having a little birthday party with family and friends. I made him a cake in the shape of a cowboy boot similar to "Woody's" from Toy Story. We are very much into Toy Story and cowboys these days. We gave him a BB gun and he was speechless. Of course he is only allowed to have it with daddy and it is put up far away for safe keeping when not in use!!! I am so thankful for these special times we have as I know the days of Toy Story and cowboys will fade before I know it he will be shooting all by himself - AHHHH!! Nathan we love you soo much and are grateful God has entrusted you into our care. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010