Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sanitizer the cure for everything....

If you know us at all very well - you know my husband is the sanitizer KING!! He loves sanitizer so much that a guy at work gave him a glass collectors bottle of Purell - I am not kidding about this. If it were up to him we would have dispensers of it in every room of our house. This is not a joke. He LOVES sanitizer.

Luke has had a fever today. This evening when it was spiking and he didn't feel very well I explained to him that it can be good to have a temperature - it means that your body is fighting to get rid of all the bad germs . Then my sweet silly 5 year old Nathan says "well why don't you just put some sanitizer on him?" Yes - I got a really good laugh today, this was definitely a story for the blog.... and his father would be REALLY proud!

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Amy said...

bahahaha!!! i love the sanitizer too. i sanitize everything. it's sad. i feel bad for my kids one day. this post reminds me of the windex and the dad on my big fat greek wedding!