Monday, February 1, 2010

A little wisdom from a 5 year old...

Recently I completed a bible study on Heaven. I learned a lot and there is still much to be learned. Of course my kids know what I am studying and thus brought a few questions about heaven. This of course thrills me - as I love to talk about God's word with my children. Obviously Nathan being older - he understands some things better than Luke does. Nathan knows there is heaven and hell and just knowing about the two places has given me great opportunities to share the gospel with him. What a privilege that is for me!! A burden as well because I so desire for him to take hold of the gospel and for the Holy Spirit to change him - God is sovereign. Luke on the other hand - not sure really what he understands. He was playing this afternoon and told me his boy had an accident on the playground and he "got died." So of course I said Luke what does it mean to die - to which he responds "to get dead." Which caused me to ask what does it mean to be dead - " to not get up and doesn't it have to do with cowboys." I am sure you are laughing by now because it was hard for me not to. I tried to do a little explaining but who knows how far that went because a little while later he asks where my daddy is and I say you know he is in heaven and then Luke asks when is he coming back and I said he's not coming back. Then my wise little five year old says yes he will - when we get a new world. Boy did he put me in my place - as scripture clearly states there will be new earth. It is safe to say Nathan knows way more about heaven than I did as a 5 year old. Thankful he is listening and praying God will raise him up for His glory!!

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joe mama said...

Children have amazing insights sometimes that really humble the adults in their lives. I know first-hand. Thanks for sharing!

Mike Satterfield