Saturday, January 30, 2010

A few laughs...

With Nathan going to school in the mornings and the E-bear still taking morning naps I get to spend a good bit of one on one time with Luke right now. I am cherishing these moments as they will soon be gone. Each child is different and I love their differences. Luke is our clown I know kids are funny they can't help but be -Luke cracks me up! It is really just little things and you probably won't find them nearly as funny as I do. I am posting them here because I don't want to forget them. So enjoy these few scenarios.

We have some little aquarium rocks in a bag in our laundry room - Luke once asked me if they were Shark food.

Nathan gave Luke a piece of starburst candy. Nathan explained that it was a starburst and you had to chew it. Luke says "Did you get this from Starbucks?"

Recently Luke was laying in bed with us right before bedtime, I said "Listen hear boy you aren't sleeping in this bed." he replies "Yeah dad." I don't know who laughed harder me or David.

Tonight I had my slippers on and discovered I had a hole in them and made some kind of "oh no" comment. Luke says so calmly and matter of fact "well you'll just have to sew them."

I hope you at least found one of these funny!


Lauren said...

So sweet! The other day we were running errands and WM asked me if it was almost time to go home. I said, yes, we're going to go home and get some lunch.

He said, "Ummmm, no Mama. I decided I want Chick-a-lave." :) LOL. He was so matter of fact about it. And you never have to twist my arm for waffle fries. ;)

Matt said...

I can see Luke right now saying "Yeah Dad" and completey not understanding that he was the one being kicked out not David. It makes me laugh to think about it. He is a very sweet boy. We are really enjoying getting to know him better in class. Tell him we said hi.

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