Saturday, January 30, 2010


As always its been too long and I have much to say and little time to say it and in between all that I had a computer crash so to speak. So this time I really do have a good excuse for my delay in blogging. Thankfully I spent one day backing up pictures and videos right before "Dell" as my husband affectionately calls him went crazy on me. So the next few blogs may be pictureless as I work to get things back on here and just take some more pictures.

It is so easy to become discouraged - great plan of attack on Satans part - at least for me! I know when I thought dear old "dell" was gone - it put a damper on me - that's right I let a computer get to me - I know you don't even have to say it - RIDICULOUS its just a computer. I even have a philosophy if I can't take it to heaven then it just shouldn't matter - but I am human Just this past week I had a sick baby so I missed church - he is now on the up and up and now I have another sick child. Our cat is missing. Then there are other things - there will always be things because we live in a sin cursed world but thankfully not without hope. I love knowing that "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world." And I love (and by the way I know it is BAD crammer to start a sentence with "and" but sometimes I just think it is necessary and its my blog - but I just wanted you to know that I know its not grammatically correct) how He encourages me through other people - people that I don't even know.....

Like my blogger friend Lauren on Thread by Thread and the Monkeys Mama with her picture blog and life with cutie face . They give me such great blogging ideas and they inspire and encourage me as a wife and mother but most importantly a child of the King. So thank you blogging friends. It is an encouragement to read your stories every so often and see how God is working in the lives of other mamas. How wonderful it is to be in the body of Christ. Maybe one day we shall meet - if not here definitely on the other side.

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Lauren said...

It's sweet to hear from you on here again! I'm sorry to hear about your computer - no, it's not the end of the world, but that is disappointing. But how wonderful that you had just backed things up!!

We bought ourselves an external (huge) hard drive for Christmas so that we can back up our photos and other things, but still haven't gotten around to doing so. I panic a tiny bit each time my internet browser pauses to 'think' for even a moment! ;)