Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December In Pictures

Time to get the house ready for Christmas!!

I love this manger scene - my kids made it last year and it is just perfect because HE is the best present of all!

My shepherd boy. All he cared about was being someone in the play who could hold a stick!

Luke out in la la land :)

My table at our Ladies Christmas tea at Berachah

My friends and family who sat at my table.

Christmas open house at CFA home office.

Our Christmas play at church - Nathan and Luke with Pastor Dial better known that night as "Rod Stark"

Gingerbread fun at school.

Polar Express Christmas party at school.

One of my favorite traditions with the boys - riding the Pink Pig!!

Another tradition - making cookies :) We usually do this with our good friends the Clarks - but they just had a baby so we were solo this year! Congrats Steve and Susan!
Happy Anniversary!! Married 7 years December 14!! We went to the Big Apple to celebrate - of course!!
With my favorite person, in my favorite city during my favorite time of the year!
Don't ask how many pictures it took to get just one of them looking remotely decent!! Each year I make them matching pajamas and they get to open them on Christmas eve - it's a tradition!

Happy New Years!! David and I at the CFA bowl. He had a much longer day and night than I did!!

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