Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sew busy

I have been a busy bee. I am so thankful to my dear friend Angie who taught me to sew - as next to reading it is one of my favorite hobbies. Now I can add embroidering to that. Yes my friends for my birthday I got an embroidery machine - very basic starter machine. I had no idea these kinds of machines could be so complex etc. etc. I am still learning the ins and outs of how to do it but I am looking forward to being able to add names to things. Another project I have been working on is a quilt. Pictures to come I promise - as I have taken pictures of each stage of my quilting project. I started with just some squares that my great grandmother had started putting together - now I am finishing what she started. It has been so FUN!! I am planning to embroider something on the bottom of the quilt but just not sure what to put on there. I welcome your suggestions. Stay tuned as I hope to have it finished soon!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A few laughs...

With Nathan going to school in the mornings and the E-bear still taking morning naps I get to spend a good bit of one on one time with Luke right now. I am cherishing these moments as they will soon be gone. Each child is different and I love their differences. Luke is our clown I know kids are funny they can't help but be -Luke cracks me up! It is really just little things and you probably won't find them nearly as funny as I do. I am posting them here because I don't want to forget them. So enjoy these few scenarios.

We have some little aquarium rocks in a bag in our laundry room - Luke once asked me if they were Shark food.

Nathan gave Luke a piece of starburst candy. Nathan explained that it was a starburst and you had to chew it. Luke says "Did you get this from Starbucks?"

Recently Luke was laying in bed with us right before bedtime, I said "Listen hear boy you aren't sleeping in this bed." he replies "Yeah dad." I don't know who laughed harder me or David.

Tonight I had my slippers on and discovered I had a hole in them and made some kind of "oh no" comment. Luke says so calmly and matter of fact "well you'll just have to sew them."

I hope you at least found one of these funny!

As always its been too long and I have much to say and little time to say it and in between all that I had a computer crash so to speak. So this time I really do have a good excuse for my delay in blogging. Thankfully I spent one day backing up pictures and videos right before "Dell" as my husband affectionately calls him went crazy on me. So the next few blogs may be pictureless as I work to get things back on here and just take some more pictures.

It is so easy to become discouraged - great plan of attack on Satans part - at least for me! I know when I thought dear old "dell" was gone - it put a damper on me - that's right I let a computer get to me - I know you don't even have to say it - RIDICULOUS its just a computer. I even have a philosophy if I can't take it to heaven then it just shouldn't matter - but I am human Just this past week I had a sick baby so I missed church - he is now on the up and up and now I have another sick child. Our cat is missing. Then there are other things - there will always be things because we live in a sin cursed world but thankfully not without hope. I love knowing that "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world." And I love (and by the way I know it is BAD crammer to start a sentence with "and" but sometimes I just think it is necessary and its my blog - but I just wanted you to know that I know its not grammatically correct) how He encourages me through other people - people that I don't even know.....

Like my blogger friend Lauren on Thread by Thread and the Monkeys Mama with her picture blog and life with cutie face . They give me such great blogging ideas and they inspire and encourage me as a wife and mother but most importantly a child of the King. So thank you blogging friends. It is an encouragement to read your stories every so often and see how God is working in the lives of other mamas. How wonderful it is to be in the body of Christ. Maybe one day we shall meet - if not here definitely on the other side.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!

Welcome 2010!! You know it really is a privilege - each breath we take -so glad to be experiencing another year and it is only by God's grace that we do so. I am looking forward to getting back into the routine of life. So what do you have planned for this new year? I could tell you that I resolve to be a better blogger - but that just makes me laugh. Besides I have to keep you few readers that I have on your toes. You never know when I just might blog :)

Hoping for some snow tomorrow. David is off on a trip so its me and the boys this weekend. Wait a second even when David's home its me and the boys :) My neighbors birthday is coming up and we have to celebrate so here's a shout out to you Mr. Ken - HaPpY bIrThDaY and we love you!!

Let me hear from you all!! Hope you have a fabulous 2010!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December In Pictures

Time to get the house ready for Christmas!!

I love this manger scene - my kids made it last year and it is just perfect because HE is the best present of all!

My shepherd boy. All he cared about was being someone in the play who could hold a stick!

Luke out in la la land :)

My table at our Ladies Christmas tea at Berachah

My friends and family who sat at my table.

Christmas open house at CFA home office.

Our Christmas play at church - Nathan and Luke with Pastor Dial better known that night as "Rod Stark"

Gingerbread fun at school.

Polar Express Christmas party at school.

One of my favorite traditions with the boys - riding the Pink Pig!!

Another tradition - making cookies :) We usually do this with our good friends the Clarks - but they just had a baby so we were solo this year! Congrats Steve and Susan!
Happy Anniversary!! Married 7 years December 14!! We went to the Big Apple to celebrate - of course!!
With my favorite person, in my favorite city during my favorite time of the year!
Don't ask how many pictures it took to get just one of them looking remotely decent!! Each year I make them matching pajamas and they get to open them on Christmas eve - it's a tradition!

Happy New Years!! David and I at the CFA bowl. He had a much longer day and night than I did!!

Pruiksma's Progress Christmas Letter 2009

Family and Friends,

We hope everyone is doing well and anticipating a great Christmas! Where does the time go?? I can’t believe it has already been a year. Well here is a sneak peek of what has been happening in the life of a mommy and her boys – daddy included!!

Nathan started Kindergarten this year!! Talk about time – how did my first born child get to be 5 already?? He has lost 4 teeth – not all four on purpose and I can honestly say all he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth. And today at the dentist we discovered he has two more loose teeth!! He is growing too fast!

He loves school and is very social as many of you know!! Not sure where he might get
that from J He is still going to school at Fayetteville First Baptist and we love it there. Not sure what we will do next year but for now I am just enjoying him being in kindergarten. He is learning lots of new things but his biggest accomplishment thus far – is reading. Right before thanksgiving we took a trip to the public library and he plopped right down in the aisle and read a book to me for the very first time!! Such excitement for both of us!

He is also very involved at church in choir and Awana. He is memorizing lots of scripture for Awana and school. It is neat to hear him apply God’s truth to life. For example – we recently had a discussion on other religions and how some people believe Jesus was just
a man but not the Savior of the world- and they have something or someone else as their god. Nathan quickly chimed in “ well Mom the Bible says ‘No one can serve two masters’.” …and he is absolutely right. I am so thankful he is hiding God’s Word in his heart.

Outside of church and school Nathan’s amusement is filled with army men, hunting and toy guns. He has his heart so set on a specific nerf gun for Christmas that he has informed both David and I that there are only 3 left at Target. He is all boy but with a sensitive side. Very loving and definitely a mama’s boy.

My little comedian!! Luke is so full of life and energy!! He has a smile that will melt you!! He still has a baby face and I just love it!! He is not built like the other boys – he will
be my little guy. It is really no wonder because if he could have a peanut butter and honey sandwich with chips or fries for every meal he would be happy. He is a picky eater but LOVES his chips or fries. He was the child to get stitches this year – as Nathan so puts it “Luke busted his head wide open!” That is a bit of exaggeration but he did have to get some stitches in the back of his head and he was super brave the whole time. He is definitely our tough boy - he rarely cries when he gets hurt. In fact if Nathan hadn’t been with him – we may have discovered his injury too late!!

This year Luke gets to go to school one day a week and if it were left up to him – he
would go everyday!! He has learned his address and knows he lives in “Georgia, Fayetteville.” He learned his phone number and most recently how to spell his name.
He loves to be told he is doing a “great job.” He also started his first year of Awana at church. I love to hear him say his Bible verse.

He has recently become obsessed with golf. He would rather watch the golf channel on TV rather than a movie. He has asked for golf balls for Christmas and if he has been at the neighbors he usually comes home with some more golf balls. We have super great neighbors. In fact Luke now tells us he is “Mr. Ken’s” boy. What Luke doesn’t know is that he is getting a real golf set for Christmas – he will be sooo excited. Now he and daddy can work hard playing golf!

Wasn’t he just born?? It was just last Christmas I had a sweet new little baby at home. I still have a sweet baby but he just isn’t so little anymore!! He celebrated his first birthday September 30th. He has a few teeth and can sit up and pull up – no walking just yet – but I am really okay with that J… He babbles a lot. There are a few things you can understand him say like mama and dada – our favorite is “whas dat?” translated as ‘what’s that!?’. He gets sooo excited and animated when he sees any kind of electronic device. What is it with kids and electronics??!! But he gets even more excited when David gets home from work – he gets estatic!! I know it must make daddy’s day. Ethan is a feisty little boy – but also a super sweet cuddler. I enjoy watching his developing personality.

David just finished his first year as Business Consultant for the Dwarf Houses and Truetts’ Grills of Chick-fil-A. He has been in and out of town and I am thankful for his safe travels and this fabulous company he gets to work for. He is still active at church playing piano on Sundays and doesn’t complain when he gets a chance to go in the woods to hunt. This January he will take a skiing trip with some friends – and I know he is looking forward to that.
I stay busy keeping up with these 4 handsome men in my life. I am still very involved at church with music and ladies ministry. Also, I now teach music at the kids school one day a week. It really works out well – Luke and Ethan just go with me. I am very blessed.
We will celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary on December 14th! Heading to my favorite city to mark the occasion (New York)!!! We are excited about that!! We have much to be thankful for….our relationship, our three healthy children, our friends, and our great Church! Most importantly our Savior! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family as we celebrate His birth!

Much Love!
The Pruiksma’s
David, LeighAnn, Nathan, Luke and Ethan