Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why does this take me soo long??

Oh I know why I can't blog soo often - I have 3 kids!! I feel like I am always playing catch up. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Do you other moms have any advice for blogging time??

You will probably laugh but I was just telling a dear friend I want to cut back on my computer time. You're thinking you don't blog regularly in the first place - you are on the computer??!! I feel like I sometimes waste time on here (unless I am blogging - that is how I keep up with what my kids say - because scrapping is not my thing.) I enjoy facebooking, etc. but in that time I could be doing other things - like catching up on reading, going to bed at a decent hour, or just doing whatever might need to still be done. We eliminated cable awhile back so I don't really watch TV anymore but I do like being on the computer especially at night - it is almost like down time to me. So if you think about it pray that I will use my time wisely. This was just a random side note.

Now.. I will give you a brief synopsis of the whats been happenings and bombard you with pictures.

At the beginning of the month we went on a field trip to Isons Farm with Nathans kindergarten class. We had such a fun time - Nathan's favorite part was going inside the tee pee - (my picture of that was kind of dark so - just imagine.) Luke's favorite part was the hayride. And Ethan he was just along for the whole ride :)
Last week was Veterans Day and you know how my fam is about the military!! David and I attended a Veterans Day Ball. We had another Wounded Warrior Benefit night for Mark Allen - I think I may have mentioned hm and the wounded warrior benefits in an earlier post. Lots of funds were raised and of course my boys went decked out in their army uniforms!!
I attended my first Georgia game in Athens this past weekend and had sooo much fun!! What an experience to say the least!! I cannot get over how trashed the campus was when we left - it was rather sad. But how about that game!! Sometimes Nathan tells me to calm down when we are watching the game on local TV - if he could have seen his mama!! Who would have ever thought I would have become such a football fan - boys will do it to you! I didn't have much of a voice at the end of the game!! Go dawgs!
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving feast at Nathan's school so I will have more pictures that will have to make their way to the blog. David and I are reminiscing and going back to Callaways Fantasy in Lights this weekend. And the first week in December is a mad house for me!! But hopefully it won't be too long before you hear from us - who am I kidding I mean me - again!

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Lauren said...

Blogging time is hard. I'm usually doing it late, late, late at night or while the kids are happily playing. (It can take me all day to write a post when I do it that way.)

I can't believe you were at the game last weekend! We were there too. :) Hope you had a wonderful time!