Friday, November 20, 2009

Just my imagination
Running away with me... Everything in life for me is a song!! Once my husband was getting gas at the gas station and I made up a song about it!! That is a totally random thought and has absolutely nothing to do with this blogpost.
So on to the point. I am "one of those" moms who doesn't allow her children to watch much TV and the TV that can be watched is monitored. We only get local channels so there really isn't much for them to watch anyways. We have a rule that no TV is allowed on Sundays or school days. That only leaves time to watch on Thursday nights/Friday (no school on Friday) or Saturdays. And when they can watch TV the time is limited. For example this morning they watched The Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street - about an hour and a half and then mommy said the TV goes off. You know the great thing about today - they never even asked to turn it on again. Instead they spent their time using their imagination. And I LOVED it!!! Nathan got out his construction paper and scissors and went to town on making him and Luke police and fireman uniform accessories. Right now they are happily playing in the playroom. I must confess when I was a teenager and would baby-sit and parents would be so strict on their kids TV habits - I would promise to myself never to be like that!! My how the tables turn when you actually have kids!! Here are a few pictures below of their creativity!!
creating a few police accessories
^ the "walkie talkie"

^Luke in his fireman mask Nathan made him along with badge and walkie talkie

Fireman Luke and Police Captain Nathan

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