Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!!!

This is my absolute most favorite month of the year!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday followed closely by Christmas. I just love this time of year!! I love the beautiful color on the trees, I love the cooler weather, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, Christmas music, holiday flavored lattes, I just love it all!!! I used to think summer was my favorite season and I do love the hot weather and the pool and the beach but not as much as I love November - that is just a side note..... Another reason I think I love this time of year - is because it is when I met my husband and fell madly in love with him!! Our actual first date was September 7 and it was just all down hill and googly eyes from there!! I was reminiscing this morning about this and remembered I had written in a CFA calendar (how appropriate right?) every thing we did from September 2001 to January 2002 when we got engaged. I do have a point to this blog - actually two so let me get to them...

1. Recently David made/took a challenge with some CFA co-workers to take their spouse out on a date on the 21st of every month. So he sent me calendar requests for the 21st of every month for the next year - I joked with him I might have to take a raincheck - but that option was not available :). For those of you who don't know - when David first asked me out I told him I needed a raincheck - but that is another story for another blog. If you need details sooner write me and I can tell you all about it! But back to point number 1. So I am all sentimental this morning and actually pulling out the calendar from those first few months of dating - and would you believe it .... we had a date on November 21!!! We went to Callaway Gardens for the Fantasy of Lights show. I had never been and it was such a wonderful date!! We decided this morning to do that for our date night this November!! Isn't that sweet??!! I can't wait!!

2. As I was flipping through the calendar - I noticed a few other things. One in particular was our first kiss on September 30. Do you know what September 30 is? It is Ethan's birthday!! I just thought that was sooo neat!! How funny that six years from the very day we had our first kiss - we had our third baby boy!! I just thought that was something!!

So that is my sentimental blog for now sorry if my thoughts were so scattered!!!! I just have to say it one more time I love this time of year!! And David .... I love you!!! Thanks for making such sweet memories for me!! Below are a few of my favorite date memories. This first is from our date at Callaway - we look soo young!! The second our first trip to NYC -speaking of which we are going for our anniversary in December - more to come on that!! And then the last picture is one of my most favorite date pictures ever - silly we are - getting ready to see an IMAX movie at the TN aquarium.

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